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Thursday, February 23, 2006

No comment !!

Ouch .. Today we were the studio hangover crew.. My mate C had been doing some internet radio station and that had all gone pear-shaped when somebody turned up with a gram of coke , My mate B had been out all night doing gawd knows what , so he didn't even turn up for the sesh and Me ? Well I went to a closing down party at some pub that's been bought by real estate developers to turn into poxy flats ( another real pub hit the bricks !! ) and I kid you not , we drank the fukin bar dry !!!

So today was not the most productive studio day of the year , but we did manage to master a couple of tunes at extremely low volume ..

Ooof , all I can taste is single malt whiskey and this is like 20 hours later ...

So tonight I'm supposed to be at some awards ceremony , but to be honest , I'm going fukin nowhere .

Yep , a night in is definitely on the cards ..

It's stay in , watch a couple of DVD's and cook some food night .

Can I have my brain back now please ? I seem to have mislaid it behind the bar.

It's the one next to this security companies mislaid brain ..

That's all I have to say about that !!

Laters .


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