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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bands to shout ( over ) about ?

Sooo , I went down and reprogrammed that lighting controller yesterday afternoon. It was way worse than I had originally thought as the bloody DJ had somehow managed to wipe off all the DMX addresses as well , kinda like the nightmare a postman would have if you removed all of the door numbers and restuck them all in a random pattern for a street of say 80 houses... Complete fukin mare but I battled through and eventually won the day !!

I'm gonna go back on Friday and finish the job , but I gave myself enough lighting to make the bands look half decent last night though ..

Ok , soo , the bands .. Ummm !!!

The headliners were pretty good , a rock band doing a sorta acoustic unplugged set , but as for the rest ? Pretty dire all round if you want the truth ..

They were all a combination of like four or five piece folk numbers and really nothing to write home about .. At all !!!

I gotta mention the crowd though , they had all come to see the headlining band , all about 20-30 ish and probably the rudest fukin crowd I've ever met ..Folk bands are generally quite anyway as the guitars are all mic'd as opposed to being plugged in ( ever tried to mic a classical guitar with a quiet player in a large venue , it's a fukin nightmare to say the least , especially when the venue only has dynamic mics as well )

Ok , the crowd .. Well they just wouldn't shut the fuck up and 4-500 people can make a lot of noise in a tight space !! Everytime I turned up the PA system so that the band could be heard , they would just raise the level of conversation ( actually , more like shouting at each other ) to match the PA .. Fukin rude !!

At one point , I even got on the mic from the mixing desk side and I'm like " Can we have a bit of respect for the performers please , in other words , can you all shut the fuck up thanks !!! "

That shocked 'em into silence for about 10secs and then they all just started up again , yap yap yap !! It was like trying to engineer a band in the middle of a fukin stockmarket trading floor ( now there's a video right there ! ) I say again fukin rude ..

Apart from that , I guess it was an ok night ..

So today my mate JR is coming over and were gonna go thru one of his tracks that I'm mixing in the house for him , all good ..

Ok I suppose I had better get my shit together and give him a call ..

Oooo , I would love this !!

Laters ..


Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

that IS an interesting video idea... or at least the beginning of one....

Would need quite a bit of dosh....

5:30 pm  
Blogger stressqueen said...

I went to see Gillian Welch a while back, and she is a *really* quiet act. Brilliant though.

Anyhow, it was nearly ruined by the twats who insisted on talking all the way through it constantly.

Why do people buy gig tickets then spend all night chatting to their mates? Go to the pub instead!

12:40 am  
Blogger what's_my_line? said...

So I hear banks out there are missing a bit of dough?

1:49 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Sure are ...

Woops !!

4:23 pm  

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