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Monday, February 27, 2006

British TV... sucks !!!

Err , Happy Monday people , the weekend was total carnage as per usual , met a load of mates , went to the pub for T's birthday and then we all got sozzled . I left the pub at about 2am and just got as cab home ? Wonder If I'm getting old eh !!

Sunday I did fuck-all apart from watch the whole series of Commander In Chief that I'd downloaded from TVtorrents I fukin love this site . You know , my widescreen TV hasn't been turned on for like 2 months now , it just sits in the corner of my front room looking sad and gathering dust , any TV that I watch nowadays just get's downloaded and I must admit that's it's all American stuff coz British TV totally sucks nowadays ..

Note to British TV producers : What the fuck am I paying my licence fee for ?? Your programming truely fukin sucks , no really it does !! I switch my TV on and just find a schedule of DIY home improvement , Gardening , makeover , reality shows , ten year old films and any number of shite ( made for a fiver ) content for doughnuts piles of crap ? Jeez louise , up your standards will ya , it's fukin embarrassing ... You all moan about piracy , well give us something to fukin watch then !!!

I digress ..

So tonight I've been asked back to engineer that Big Band that I did at the backside of last year , it's fun to watch but not really difficult to do , so I should be in for a good night . Tomorrow is a big rock night thing so that should be fun and then I have a day off and then a day in the studio and then it'll be Friday and the club again .. Not too much of a full on week really ..

Well .. you say that !!

Ok , I've had this idea for doing T-shirts for sound engineers for ages , so on my day off I'm gonna start looking into that .. I'm kinda after Bold stencil print T-shirts that me and my peers can wear on the job so to speak .. You know stuff like " DONT BUG ME ... or i'll make your band sound shit " and " IF YOU'RE A SINGER ... then I'm a f**king banana !! " You kind of get the idea..

There you go again mate , chucking your ideas away on a fukin blog ??

Ok , what's in the news ..

What's wrong mate , craving a Big Mac or something are you ?

Yep it's all a bit quite on this front at the mo , but watch it heat up towards the 20th March !!

This .. scared the shit out of me when I first saw it as a kid and it still does to this day !!

And ..

Stop it , it's just plain backwards ??

Ok , things to do , people to see !!

Bye ..


Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

By the way, at least you get good news from the BBC. Which is more than I can say for ANY American TV network. Hell, it's more than I can say for all American networks combined.

4:10 am  

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