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Monday, February 20, 2006

DJ Breakdown ..

Monday again eh ! The weeks just seem to be flying past at the moment ..

Me and Little Mistress decided to go out on Saturday night to some party in West London which was kinda ok apart from the completely shite DJ who spoilt it for everyone by continually fuking with the tunes , he'd play like 15 mins of intro and then like a minute of beats and then another 15 mins of intro with him taking the bass out the mix and filtering the mids and then like another minute of beats etc. etc. etc.

Boring as fuck ... I don't know about you lot , but I kinda like to hear the tunes as they were originally recorded in the first place and not how the DJ thinks they should sound ?

Soo , when I do go out I like to be listening to the music and not the fukin DJ mixing two tunes together for 20 mins at a time .. So you can mix then can you mate ? Oooo ! Stone the fukin crows , genius at work ???

One of my mates went up to the guy and he's like : " Just play the fucking tune will ya , your doing everybody's sodding head in mate with your 15min fucking break-downs !! "

It didn't do any good though as the guy just kept playing to himself and not the crowd..

Bad DJ'ing skills all round I'd say !!!

What the fuck !!

So we left the party at 2am coz we really couldn't stand it anymore and just got a cab back to my place ..

Yesterday we met up with my mate JR and his girl and another mate T who's come over from NY to put down some vocals with various bands .

We're gonna be doing some work over the next couple of weeks which should be kinda nice , it's always a pleasure working with T ..

Yep , we all met up in some pub at the top of Richmond hill and spent the whole afternoon getting royally pissed and reminiscing about past gigs and tours and music stuff , as one does !!

Sooo , Me and Little Mistress staggered home at closing time and just fell into bed , I feel a bit rough today but I'm not working till tomorrow so I can just chill and nurse this hangover . Tomorrow I've gotta reprogram that fukin lighting controller at the club which should be fun , I'm not really a lampy ( lighting guy ) but I can get my head around most things electronic and I've done it before , so I guess I'll survive ... Then I have acouple of live bands to engineer in the evening , so should be a fun day ?

Little Mistress has just left to get the train home ..

Right , I need some food so I'm gonna cook for myself and then potter around on the internet ..

OMG !! , The Stepford wives meets the Middle East. Just what the Iraqis need eh , a concrete shopping mall hell ... Ummm , that'll make em like us !! Oh well , at least they'll be able to get around on the Park-n-ride and buy GAP hijab's ...

Laters .


Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Hey, if I didn't mention it before, congrats on the Best of Blogs. I didn't win Snarkiest Blogger, but really, that's fine by me. Because frankly, if you don't think of yourself as snarky and then get nominated for it, it's kind of insulting. It's like- wow, you think I'm really mean. Thanks.

Best Music Blog, on the other hand, that's one you can tack up on the wall. Cheers, mate.

4:15 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Cheers atlas, I wouldn't have said you were that snarky either , I mean , we can all be snarky now and again when a good rant kicks in ( it's one of the best parts of writing ).

I didn't really think of this as a music blog in the traditional sense of the word either , strange eh ?

But I guess it is ?

11:40 am  

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