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Monday, March 06, 2006

Derailed entertainment

Imposing building picture of the day ... The Shell tower , London SE1

Taken Fri afternoon on my way to the club ..

Well I fukin like it anyway !!

Soo , Monday again and the start of a somewhat manic week after a somewhat manic weekend.

I really couldn't get into Sat night , I was just too tired and T had invited his mad ( I'll start a ruk with anyone who fukin moves ) cousin to his birthday bash . Mad cousin was completely pissed when he arrived and he spent most of the night heckling anyone who wasn't part of our group and hitting on little Mistress which was pissing me ( and her ) off something rotten plus he stole ( but obviously flat out denied ) her cigarettes and lighter at one point so it was starting to get way fukin heated . To top it all off , another friend of T's showed up who was fukin also off his trolly and pretty much acting the same as mad cousin , so those two together were just fukin ruining the party for everybody else and I just really couldn't be bothered with it all. I've seen more class in a ham fukin sandwich !!

My mate N arrived at about 9pm with his girlf B and another mate ( who's name I can't remember ) and we all bowed out at the first opportunity ( leaving the main group ) and went to a private members club in West London were N's mate was DJ'ing . Getting away from that lot was a welcome relief which was a shame really as I would have liked to have stuck around for T's birthday ...

Sorry T .. but I could see it all ending in tears mate !!!

The private members club thing ( apart from the ridiculous drinks prices: £8 for a fukin jack and coke ) sorta saved the day. Me and Little Mistress rolled out at about four in the morning and took a cab back to my place for some much needed sleep ....

I cooked a huge sausage casserole yesterday and we stuffed our faces as we both waded through the Sunday papers: coz that's what Sundays are for you know ...

Soo , yeah ... Interesting weekend all round !!!

Nice to see Brokeback Mountain didn't clean up at the Oscars ... It was good , but nowhere near as good as Crash in my book ...I'd never even heard of Capote but ( thanks to the magical light pipe ) I'm gonna watch it tonight ..

This is starting to simmer , and to top it all off , the Am Gov has just completed a deal with India to share Nuke tech ??? I mean what the fuck is that about , talk about hypocrisy in action !!!

Laters ..


Blogger pop renaissance said...

it always throws me off when i have a mate that i love to tears, and he's friends with a guy that is a complete waste of time.

i guess that's life balancing itself out - with wonderful people like us, there's bound to be twats.

11:44 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yeah mate .. Something like that !!


12:53 am  
Blogger pop renaissance said...

so when you coming to california to record/engineer/master my band, hmmmm?

2:40 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Whenever you stick me on a flight and feed me with drugs for the weekend ..


3:43 am  
Blogger pop renaissance said...

drugs - check.

damn plane tickets...

we really SHOULD get you out here to do a project, would be brilliant.

5:51 pm  
Blogger mdhatter said...

Oh yeah, I can ~totally~ see you two making it past the bong each morning on the way to the studio.

london, go to san fran. It is better AND cheaper there.

You might even save enough there to cover the cost of the tix.

7:15 pm  
Blogger pop renaissance said...

that's why you block out the studio for the weekend and party & sleep THERE. soz when that 3a piss-drunk inspiration hits, you can just start recording.

plus you wanna be right near the mics when you wake up if you want a great nick cave/lloyd cole/barry white vocal.

8:44 pm  

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