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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Umm , Nice !!!

Check this , Waterloo bridge ( north end ) 5:05 pm looking towards the South Bank on my way to work , why the fuck would I wanna live anywhere else in the world eh !! Absolutely magic

Click to enlarge !!!

And this on the opposite side of the bridge looking westbound ;

I say again " why the fuck would I wanna live anywhere else in the world "

Both pics , copywrite me.. But you can use em for blogging purposes if you want ..

And , Pete ( this rant has nothing to do with the BBC article , it's just about Pete fukin tong ) What the fuck would you know about anything mate , your a rich middle class twat and the only thing you ever did was pigeon hole anyone who had anything good in the dance music world , along with your twatty mate Phil fukin Howles ( don't care if I've spelt your name wrong ) and fukin London records , you ain't shit mate , you can't DJ and you never could , you were just in the right place at the right time , pilfering off the talent ..

Superstar DJ , I think not , Carl Cox has more talent in his fukin toenail clippings !!!

You know why they say " It's all gone Pete Tong " ? well just think about it mate , it's not a complement you know , it's the whole fukin industry laughing at you .. Doughnut !!!

Like your stupid hiphop mate Tim ( Oh did they shoot me , Ok , that kinda makes me hip ) Westwood. Your both a fukin joke .. There , I've said what everybody's been thinking for years !!

Radio 1 people , your all about as cool as a fukin fried banana !!

Ok , I think I had better go to bed now before I like explode with involuntary regurgitations !!!

OK , let me clarify the above rant before I'm shot down , I signed a deal with this prick and his label in the early nineties , he then proceeded to fuck my career up the arse by holding me in a record deal for four years and not releasing anything I gave them , it's a tactic that was used to up sales by signing the competition and then nailing them to the floor so tight that they can't move and can't release records ( of course the internet changed all of this coz we don't actually need the majors anymore !! ) .. It's what we in the game would technically call a "shits trick " I just happened to be the fuker who was nailed down as my peers sales soared . Am I bitter about it ? Errr slightly . One of my peers now has a mansion in the Home Counties and a garage full of Ferraris and Astons ( He even has a Maclaren F1 , fuker ) at the time I also had a clueless manager who decided to stick his head in the sand as opposed to taking on a Major record label ???

It kinda pisses you off when your playing your new tunes to crowds of 20,000+ and kicking ass only to be told by the label on the Monday morning that " We don't think your music is representative of what's going on , so where not gonna release it "

And even more frustrating when you say " Fuck off " to the majors and start your own label and release under a different name selling 15,000 copies of your first release only to be told by the distributer ( completely out of the blue) that " Sorry mate we can't do business with you any more " In other words , the Major label has found out about your label and put in a cease and desist ( under the table ) call to the distributer ... You lose , do not pass go , do not pick up jack shit and your lucky to not be in jail mate , thanks !!!

And that's only scraping the surface !!!

A little frustrating to say the least ... *?!!??*!??@!!

There , it's off my chest now , I can live happily ever after ...


Blogger velvetbabe said...

how is the whale doing?



ps: fab ferris wheel you lot.
been a terrible month, copyright violation & so forth--horrible splits on my writers list--horrible.

but, 2 englishmen stood tall! & were ethical & fab! (like you, LC)

10:35 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Why thanks velvet dear , it's the old English stiff upper lip thing I guess ..

11:58 am  
Anonymous tricia said...

God, I love London! I've been there only once, and it was love at first sight, touch and feel... well except for the jet lag...

4:30 pm  
Blogger roxyfoxy said...

Yup Pete Tongue is an utter twat !

5:55 pm  
Blogger Smartypants said...

Today I looked under a microscope and I saw a fish genetically modified to express a fluorescent protein and that was pretty cool. Because it glowed green.

(I can't comment on the music stuff because I know basically nothing about the music industry. Except they play shit-music on the radio. I know that much.)

11:01 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

damn, t that is a fucking unbelievable situation... the majors labels are taking the piss something chronic.

i'm shocked


9:29 pm  

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