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Friday, January 06, 2006

Wow , what a list !!

Sooo , Well it's here Ladies and gentlemen ( big fukin drumroll ) ..

The BBC music list of what's hot for 2006 ?

So wadda we have here then ? Ok we have an Eminem rip-off , a Snoop Dog rip-off , a sorta Coldplay crooner emulation thang , a couple of ( same shit different paintjob ) Indie bands , a " Jeff Buckley for the Maroon 5 crowd " ( err whatever ) and a , hold on I've forgotten already ( I'll just check on the site again ) Oh yeah , some bird that sings stuff ( very nicely admitedly) but far to much like Katie Melua/Norah Jones for me thanks , I've already got one of those.

Note the musical innovation , the cutting edge production techniques , the fat mixing , the , the , the other stuff as well ..

Ho hum !!

That list was soo fukin hot that I had to fry an egg on the monitor and throw ice at the mouse from the bedroom door , woah !! , I feel the need to rush out and buy a second ipod as a back up; just in case I leave the first one at home !!

The record companies really are just taking the easy route to sales at the moment , and If I get played one more recently signed James Blunt or Coldplay ripoff then I seriously will fukin scream.

Gives us something new lads , your making me sound like a moaney old git.

I know there's some shit hot bands out there , I've engineered quite a few of them so get your chequebooks out and sign something for the long haul and not just the fast buck please . Not all of us like to eat fukin Mcdonalds all the time ya know !!

Oh yeah ! 2006 off to a blistering start ..

My bloody phone hasn't stopped ringing all day , do this , are you coming out ? Have you finished this yet ? etc. etc.

And my new fukin audio interface hasn't arrived ( they've run out of stock till next week ) , the fukers sent all the wiring though , great , a box of wires and a new mic stand ( I can always put on the weekend TV and sing along to one of the numorous shite idol/search for a twat programmes I suppose )

Kinda means I'm in limbo at the moment , It's pointless doing any music when I know I'll have to undo all I've done when the new bits arrive , pointless compromising your own work really .

So , I'll guess I'll be playing guitar all weekend then eh !

My mate T has just got back from Africa and I'm dying to go see him , but that would mean a night of getting plastered down the local pub ( not good on a detox people ) so I'm being a good little boy and staying in on a fukin Friday night when I don't have to work at the club !!

What's that about ?

Oh for fucks sake mate .

Bloody detox , bloody ell !!

Still , all for a good cause .

Yeah right ..

Ok , I'm gonna cook some chicken pasta a la me

And then I'm gonna eat it .


Listening to : Curtis Mayfield " Superfly " .... Real fukin music .

Bye .


Blogger mcdolph said...

in on a friday night and not havin' to work?!! ye lucky man!

10:56 pm  
Blogger mcdolph said...

so, londoncokead, what is it ye do with yer time that ye havnae telt us already?

4:48 am  
Blogger mr. tomas ubik said...

who else would you put in a list for 2006

11:31 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Don't know , that would mean actually having to think about it .. answer applies to all comments !

1:27 am  

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