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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New year , new band ..

So , yeah , went to meet my mate JR's band last night .. All good , I think it'll be a right laugh going on tour with this lot , bunch of complete nutters and they seem totally up for it .. Oh dear !!

The band is a sorta live drum and bass skank affair with a pretty unique sound and some of the most controversial lyrics that I've heard in a long long time . I totally felt like I was witnessing the birth of something pretty special as the conversation flowed last night ... I'm enthused about it to say the least ..

Funny , as we were driving back from the meet the car ran out of petrol , so JR trots off to find the nearest garage and me and couple of the others lads decide to go a pint in this really dodgy looking pub ( windows black out , the lot ) turns out it's like one of those really scummy strip clubs you find in suburbia , you know the ones where the dancers come around with a glass and you give em like a quid for a dance ... Ha , totally fukin ropey ..

I'm not really into strip clubs , I don't like the look but don't touch shit , but I do find the dodgy old blokes who stare at the girls fukin funny .. I was speaking to the owner and he was telling me that they were gonna close the place down so him and a bunch of his mates all chipped in and bought the building and turned it into this seedy strip venue .. Well done that man !!

So , JR returned with a full petrol can , pulled us all out the pub and off we all went , to another pub , this time full of normal people doing normal stuff .. He dropped me back home at around 11pm and I must admit I was pissed drunk we I got to bed .. So today is a bad hangover day and I've got a studio session starting at five so I'm just like trying to get rid of this fukin headache before we start ... Oooops !!

Anyway , so , new year , new band ..

I can see what's gonna happen in the summer , everyones gonna be touring at the same time and muggins here is gonna by fukin flying back and forwards trying to fit it all in ..

I'm also being hassled to start DJ'ing again from a few different sources as well , I don't know , I may or may not , haven't really made a decision yet .. Umm maybe , maybe not , the money's good though and the groupies come flying in from all sides but it's means like being out all the time and I mean like all the fukin time , for me to return to DJ'ing , it not like a job , It's a fukin lifestyle of clubs , drugs , airports and fukin sleep deprivation .. Not really sure if I can go through all of that shit again . At least when you engineering the bands you have a fairly complex job to do so you tend to stay sobber till after the gig .. When you DJ , you just arrive and hit the fukin bar till you leave ... Ummm , not good !!

Still though , watch this space ..

Right , I need food before I start work .

Bye .


Anonymous Mango said...

Congrats on being a Best of Blog finalist.

9:35 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Oooo !!

1:17 pm  

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