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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Soo , I went to see my mates JR's band rehearsal last night. Pretty impressed really , the sound was tight and there was a lot of energy going on , drummer shit hot , bass player tight as you like , keyboards doing just enough of the mad effect shit and two lead guitars all working together ... All good , fukin loud though , always is in a rehearsal space .

So , they just need to do a few warm up gigs and then off you trott .. The band is a strange mixture of drum and bass but with live drums and rock guitars with stranger than strange lyrics , very different ...

Yep , I'll be more than happy to mix this live , you sorta know within about the first 20 seconds if they have what it takes or not , and they easily do ..

Easily do... Easily do... Easily dooo .... Eaaasily doooo doo !!!

Easily do , that sounds like some village in the Cotswolds or something .... Have a picnic in Easily doo down by the Wiggly Sponge river ... Err Ok mate ... That's enough !!!

Allrighty !!!

So yeah , band , all good !!

Still no bloody news on that audio interface , Arrrgghh !!

I've had about 20 requests for remix parts from different sources , so today I'm at home trying to sort them all out , Ok , these parts go to Canterbury , these to Central London etc. etc. etc .

I'm starting to lose track of it all ..

You can still vote ( Yawn !! ) for that votey blog thing here if you want ..

Right , my mail box keeps going ping ping so I must give it my attention..

This is a mad news item , I mean , just read between the lines , it's well ( Oh just read between the lines , it's fun ) , I had the same problem with a sofa in storage but 30 odd tonnes of statue .. Errhem !!

You Crazy Spanish !!!

And this made me laugh out loud !! What do they call it er ? Oh yeah , Stockholm Syndrome a hamster with fukin Stockholm Syndrome ... Ha ha !!

Bye ..


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