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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Awards , awards , awards !!

Soo , last nights studio session went well , had to mix without the new audio interface though as it still hasn't fukin arrived , but you can't have everything eh !!

So me and my mate C were remixing this hip-hop commercial band thingy in a Breakbeat styley and it all worked out really easily , I love sessions like that , it all just fit into place really . No hastles , no spanners in the works , no nothing .

So I've just put it in a drop box for the record company and I gues I'll here back later in today whether it's a go or a no ?

We're pleased anyway ..

So today I'm off to get a haircut as it's been a while and I'm starting to look like a shaggy sheep , not a fan of the old hairdresses though coz no matter what you fuckin tell em , they'll always do their own fukin thing !!

I was gonna do a post today on the Brit Awards , but then I thought " You know , what's the fukin point !! " , it's becoming more and more like a showcase of record company expenditure and not a showcase of any real talent you just know who's gonna win before they even start and the awards show itself has become so Americanised ( sic ) that it's just not funny anymore , so I'm just gonna skip that particular awards ceremony cos it's a pile of shite , but I will mention the Breakspoll awards as it's much more relevant to me and what I do ( plus all my mates win the awards ) and it's kinda more fukin real as far as what's actually going on in clubland in this country and we're hopefully gonna get some nominations but I think that the label we run is still too new for any awards this time up ..

Next year though , it's all in place and were about to ride that wave man , like right down to the breakbeat beach of joy ... All good !!

Oh and talking of awards , I made the final nominees for the best of blog awards ( woohoo ) ..

Ok , so I'm off to be sheared by some nutty bird with the dress sense of a dayglow fukin fireworks display ..

Wish me luck !!

Bye .


Blogger Smartypants said...

How'd the haircut go?

4:59 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Rubbish mate , read the above post ..

5:01 am  

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