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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mobile moan ..

Sooo , Wed afternoon and my new audio interface still hasn't arrived , don't you hate it when companies lie to you about delivery dates , especially when you've got work to do !!!

I'm getting bored of not working so I've just pulled the old interface out of the wardrobe and replugged it into the studio ... Fuck it , can't take any more time sitting about doing nothing so I'll just have to take second best for today ... Booo !!!

Tonight , I'm going to see my mates band rehearse just outside of London so that I can get a good indication of what their live sound will be like before I take them on the road .. I think we're off to Austria in March for that snowboarding comp so I'm looking forward to that , all will be revealed tonight at rehearsals I expect ..

I'm sorta not keen on going to rehearsal studios with bands as to be honest , a drummer in a small place kicks out one hell of a din ( and I've run out of ear plugs ) , you always come out with your ears ringing , something as a sound engineer you really have to fukin watch coz that shit over the years won't get better , It'll only get worse and then eventually end up as ( gawd forbid ) permanent tinnitus , a lot of my older peers have it , so it worries me ... " WHAT'S THAT YOUR SAYING MATE ? "

I'm back on the detox ( since Sunday ) again , so I actually jumped out of bed this morning ..

What's that about eh ??

Oh and British people , check your mobile phone bills !! I got a new bill this morning and there was this section I've seen before that says Third party services , Ok , I've seen this before and not really taken any notice , I was just thinking that it was for directory enquiries or something , but this month it was £ 90 ? So I rang the mobile provider only to find out that I've subscribed to a free ringtone service ? The thing is that every time they send me a text it cost me £1.50 and get this , I hate fukin ringtones , I find them the most annoying thing on the fukin planet but I did open one I was sent about a year ago ( out of sheer curiosity ) and by doing that I unwittingly signed up for their service ... Twats !!! Out came the old mobile bills for last year and after a bit of maths ( sic ) , I find out that opening that free text has cost me £ 350 ..

Sooo , if you get a free ringtone txt sent to your phone don't fukin open it !!! If you do , send the word STOP immediately back to the origional number or it'll start costing you money ..

You have been warned !!

I did try to contact this company to blow off , but of course you just get put on hold on a premium rate number and I think they've had enough of my money for one year thanks .. Bastards !!

Rip off fukin Britain !!!

Rehearsals don't start till 8pm , so I'm gonna go and do some food shopping as the cupboards are looking a bit bare and I'm hungry person today ..

So , that's about the size of my Wednesday ..

Ok , food shopping ..

Listening to : Radiohead " Hail to the Thief " ... Enough said ..

Oh and you can still vote I'm second at the moment .. Woohoo !!! Not bad for an Infant blog with drug connotations eh. It's actually getting a bit scary the amount of people who actually read this shit nowadays ...

Ha , I found this quote about me the other day and it made me laugh ...

" Weblogs are ideal for cokeheads, what with all the meaningless shouting. This guy is unreadably illiterate, so I only got half a paragraph in and was unable to establish whether he's a Don Simpson or a Daniella Westbrook "

Err , neither mate , you just saw the word coke and assumed you know me ??

Guess you know about one quarter of the people in the Media , Music , Fashion and Finance industries as well then do you ... eh !!

Popular guy , I must come round to one of your parties sometime mate , sounds like an absolute ball ...

Cheese fukin swizzly stick anyone ??

" Gosh did she really put vodka in the punch ? We'll I never , of all the things !! "

Teehee !!

Bye .


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Funny shit, dude.

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