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Monday, January 16, 2006

Roll on Summer ( Please !! )

You know what ? London is bloody miserable today , it's cold , grey , wet and just plain old 'orrible . I did see the sun for about 10 seconds yesterday morning but I think it like took one look around , decided it was far too cold and then just buggered off again ...

Come back Mr Sun please , all is forgiven .

Soo, what's been happening then ? Well on Sat night I took my mate T out for dinner coz I haven't seen him since he got back from Africa . We go to this English pub that sells Thai food which I love and half way through the meal T announces that he's getting married ? So , Ok , I'm like " T mate , don't you have to have a bird first to be doin all that shit ? " His reply " Yeah I met one in Africa and she moving over and we're getting married but it's Ok coz she's an acountant so she can pay half the mortgage "

Oh dear , Oh dear indeedy , somehow I find his cunning plan sorta fundamentally flawed. I really don't have to explain why !!

The thing about T is that he will actually pull this mad stunt off and if he's happy then I'm happy , so I'll just let him get on with it , plus it'll be a good excuse to pull everyone together for a major piss-up !!

Alrighty !!

So , after I sit back on the chair and remove my Jaw from the floor , we finish the meal and go and check out this new pub that's just opened in West London . We blagg our way into the private members bar which to be honest is saying shit and we play pool till 1am ( I got fukin thrashed by this Irish bird ?? )

I stay the night at T's and his mate CP called around at dinner time so I just got the fuck out. I used to live with this guy and he became a fukin impossible nightmare and I kinda bare a grudge coz some of the shit he pulled ( I'll blog about it one day ) was so out of order that If I think about it my fukin blood boils !!

Funny really , he really does thinks that were all like pally pally still , but , Sorry mate I'm biding my time with you , you'll get what's coming !!

So , yeah , I get out of T's sharpish and go to the pub up the road , bump into a few other mates all doing the hangover nursing thing and spend the rest of the day consuming large jugs of Bloody Mary's ( yum !! ) I stumbled out of the pub around 10'ish and staggered home to bed ..

All good ..

I'm actually doing bugger all today as I can't be bothered to go out in the bloody misery .. I was supposed to be doing a new first aid course for the club but I bailed it , somebody else can stick their fingers down the stupid drunk fukers throats and patch the broken punters up after the random acts of complete stupidity that happen on a Friday night ( I'm sick of it !! ) So instead I'm just gonna cook some food , watch a couple of films and chill out to be honest ..

The mix me and C did last week was accepted by the record label this morning with no request for any changes ( which is another one of the reasons why I stayed in , just in case I had to pull the mix up and tweek it ) So , all good for a Monday ..

Ok , I'm gonna knock up a stir fry coz I'm starved .

Listening to : The Stanton Warriors " Pop your cork " Top tune .

Votey votey people , you know it's only right !!

Bye !


Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Hey dude!

After a quiet couple of weeks it looks like I'm off to pacha on Friday AND saturday!

see you there??

Peace and love baby!



perhaps you have some random unused house mixes you have copyright to that you might want to lend to my good cause.

7:32 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I'll have a look but I don't really produce much house stuff anymore , I find making four to the floor music extremely boring ( I did so much of it in the 90's that it just became formulaic and no longer a challenge )

8:02 pm  

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