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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fukin Haircut !!!

I didn't post yesterday because I was in such a bad mood due to being ripped off royaly by a fukin hairdresser !!!

Ok , soo , on recommendation from a friend I went to this posh hairdressers , all lovely , all trendy, all space cadet dayglo super smashing great , the hairdresser I was going to see was unavailable so they put me with their top stylist . Ok , so , I've decided to go dirty blonde which means I spend 2 fukin hours looking like a spaceman under a kinda machine that looked like it was trying to communicate with Mars and I was the battery , fair enough , I can handle that , Ok , the colour looked alright but nothing to write home about and the cut was not bad but I've certainly had better . So , I'm chatting to the stylist and we talk about music , I tell him what I do etc. etc. all good, all good that is till I get round to paying the bill , get this , it comes too £118 ?? What the fuck is that about , thats like $210 U.S .

Fukin outrageous , I mean I'm like not short of a bob or two but £118 for a haircut is just not fukin on and to be honest with you I was in such a state of shock that I just paid the fukin bill ...

£118 for a bonce snip and a bottle of £2.99 fukin peroxide ???

I must be bloody mad ..

Soo , the more I think about this , the angrier I get , thus the lack of post yesterday ..

I walked out of the hairdressers and went straight to the pub and got pissed drunk just to buffer the pain ..

I felt fukin violated ..

If this was a music industry deal and I felt this way , I'd be back there going ballistic demanding justice , but what can you do , It's a fukin hairdressers ..

Some girl did actually come over to me in the pub and said my hair looked lovely , so maybe I'm missing the point . The question is , I don't want to look lovely , if I wanted to look fukin lovely I would like buy a fukin tiara and wear a dress and fukin makeup and shit ?

So yeah , posh hairdressers; bunch of fukin twats if you ask me !!!

Fukers , I'm still pissed and it's like a day later ..

Good job the club was rammed tonight is all that I can say ..

Plus , ever wondered what a club floor looks like when everybody goes home ?

Try this :

This :

This :

And this :

Beautiful !!

Vote for me .... I may just buy you a pint sometime !!!


Blogger Angie said...

Least you could do is post a pic so we could all see how lovely you look! :)

6:10 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yeah . right !!

6:14 am  
Blogger jts said...

was your mood tempered at all by receieving the new interface?

9:01 pm  
Blogger mcdolph said...

haha nice pics - pity photos don't get the smell, eh?...the filthy clubbers...

1:26 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Blonde is COOL baby!

I'm gonna go peroxide blonde pretty soon....

2:18 am  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

like in the photo you can see here next to my name - that is how i ONCE was.

2:19 am  
Anonymous Mango said...

i voted for you.

and don't listen to doom, peroxide will seep into your scalp and screw with your brain.

2:21 am  

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