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Monday, January 09, 2006

Lazy day blues .

Sooo , that was nice , just got a call from one of my mates JR asking me to engineer his band in Austria at some snowboarding comp out there .. Umm , should be a laugh , that's reminds me I must get a new passport sorted , mine is absolutely knackered , it nearly got me stuck Russia ... It's that bad !!

Always nice a phone call like that , I'd woken up feeling really fukin down this morning as well . Guess the January thing and the lack of any sunshine tends to do that .. Plus there's like fuck all happening at the moment , the music biz always has a slow pick up after the Christmas/New year thing , most of the people I work with are still on holiday till next week ( lucky old them eh ! )

I went to meet my mate T on sat night and kinda went off the deepend a bit , so the detox has taken a backseat for a couple of days ... Ooops , still I was never out to break any records.

Haven't got this bloody audio interface yet , so I'm still in limbo . There are so many guitar ideas that I want to record as well , it's driving me fukin mad !! Just called the suppliers , arriving on Thurs seemingly ... Top

So I'm going to go and meet JR tomorrow about the live engineering and also about sorting his mixes out , he's having trouble mixing the live drums for his new demos coz he's never done it before , so I'm gonna suggest that he brings the recordings over to my house and I'll pull them up on the computer and mix them for him here ... It'll kill two birds with one stone as it'll let me get to know his songs before I mix them live on the road .. Cool , a little pet project to have some fun with ..

OK , so today I'm gonna do some food shopping and then cook some food , I'm kinda in the mood for a Spag bol a la me tonight , always a nice bit of comfort food on a bleak mid-winters day and then a DVD is in order I think ...

Lazy days , I guess ...

Bored though , and I've lost my lump of fukin Moroccan black ? I know I put it somewhere safe but I guess I put it somewhere too fukin safe ... Doughnut !!

Right , dope hunt ...

Woohoo , found it , on top of the guitar Fx processor ...



Blogger ty bluesmith said...

i went off the deep end a bit myself on saturday.

still feeling it today, in fact

5:24 pm  
Blogger what's_my_line? said...

Sure, just leave it out anywhere. Makes me wonder what you have stashed on your soapdish for company.

7:20 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

not a lot really , just my block of smoke !!

7:35 pm  
Anonymous tilda said...

Even if you were not detoxing... (good to know its going soo well!LOl)nothing good is open anyway... Times like these require dinner parties, with loads of food alcohol and other stuff, dinner parties were people don't eat a thing.

12:02 pm  

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