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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Year That was 2005

Sooo , This is my round up of the year that was 2005 , and what a fukin year it was ..

Ok , so we start with :

Favorite Albums of the Year
( in no particular order )

NiN : With Teeth
Gorillaz: Demon Days
Kate Bush : Aerial
Antony and the Johnsons : I am a bird now
Sigur ros : Takk

Worst Album of the Year

Daft Punk : Human After All ( Totally shit and no fukin excuse with all the money they've made
? )

Favorite Films of the Year

  1. Crash
  2. Serenity
  3. Revenge of the sith th th th !!!
Worst Film of the Year

Doom... no competition really , it really was absolutely fukin shit.

Random List of Bands ( Live ) engineered this year . ( In no particular order and only about 20% of the total amount )

The Dub Pistols
Warren suicide
The Cazels
Thee Unstrung
Somebody's mind
The Towers of London
The Soho Dolls
Cooper Temple Clause
Dogs Die in Hot cars
The needles
The Oxes
The Bazookas
The bootleg beatles
The London University Big Band
Doll face
The inside
Help she can't swim
Blood red shoes
Hands'on Heads'
Shinny rivers
Colonel Basterd
Shit and shine
I'm being good
Hey colossus
Sausage party
El Presidente
The Zico Chain
MC Lars
Test Icicles
The Blackwater jackets
The Lightyears
20,000 leagues
Oki Dog
The Strand
The Hartes
The Arcades
Elephant Juice
The Modern Life
Primitive Reason
Lata Dog
Icarus Burning
Big Yellow
Accidental Angels
The Brights
All you Miss
La Maguina
The chap
Leila Music
Charles Hayward

Egineering Credits for Bands ( Studio ) This year ..

Yeah right ... no chance !!

Stuff that pissed me off in music this year ..

  1. Those Narcissistic Rappers who talk about nothing but themselves... Dull , dull , dull . I couldn't give a fuck how cool you think you are , how much bling you have or how many people you can shoot in one evening , change the fukin record , please !!
  2. Music Industry plageristic cloning factories " Oooh , that was a hit record , lets knock out half a dozen clones " Safe market research based music production does not make good fukin records ..
  3. Pop idol , X-factor , Search for a Star , whatever : Fuck off and die !!
  4. Advertising people .. Nuff said

Stuff I've done this year ..

  1. Started this blog
  2. Travelled to Russia
  3. Done far to many drugs
  4. Spent to much money
  5. Found a new girl
  6. Made a few records
  7. And a website
  8. This particular list is pointless ... I'll be here all fukin day !
Stuff I want to do next year

  1. Start a media empire
  2. Stop doing so many fukin drugs
  3. Stop smoking
  4. Travel the World ( again )
  5. generally just have a laugh really !!
  6. Be nicer to ferrets
And that's about it really , Soo everybody have a great New Year , and thanks for just being here ..

Ta ...

LCH ....


Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

you LIKED serenty?

what the FUCK is wrong with you?


I thought you were cool.

But I totally agree with HUMAN AFTER ALL being shit - Daft Punk Discovery was (In my humble opinion) the GREATEST fucking album of ALL time ever.
And I was so disapointed with the shite that that human after all.

If you haven;t already done so I recommend getting the Daft Punk Movie on DVD It's called Interstella 888 or something - but if you want to just chill out and really just enjoy the COOLEST animation and shit you've EVER Seen then check it out.

Have a holly jolly new year.


2:28 am  
Blogger roxyfoxy said...

How you going to stop doing drugs whats your plan of action ? we could go to rehab together !

4:04 am  
Blogger Jeremy said...

Was Doom crappier than Alien VS Predator??

7:08 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yep , sorry .. I loved serenity for it's mindless stupidity !!

12:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet Test Icicles are the rubbish overrated band you once wrote about

1:06 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Maybe , maybe not , mostly though the bands that have been written about have been omited from the list !!

2:59 pm  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

happy new year, dude!!

4:13 pm  
Blogger velvetbabe said...

happy new year londoncokehead!

yeah, just have a laugh really...

i haven't heard fuck off & die in years & you made me laugh like a mad fool once again so thank you.

wish i'd had a new year in london or paris--maybe next year. damn.


king kong redux! (was interesting) filmwise.

1:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mate
Your a lucky fuck, doing what ya do, but keep it up mate!
Thought you'd appreciate this

12:03 am  
Blogger Paige said...

happy new year!!!!!

5:45 am  

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