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Friday, December 30, 2005

Fukin outrageous RMT ....

Sorry about the mess people , I'm trying to have a spring clean before New Years !!

Soo , the bastards are still gonna strike Eh ! , the're trying to get the sympathy vote by saying that new rotas will compromise safety .. Fuck off , let's face it , you all just want the night off you lazy Twats !! We'll ( and I speak on behalf of most of the Londoners I've spoken to this morning ) thanks a fukin bunch , your not only gonna spoil everyones night out but you will also fuck up all of the hard work that the people organising the Majors New Years Day parade have put in .. You really ought to be ashamed of yourself's , it not making our great city look very good is it .. Wankers , no really you are ... Proper wankers !! I'm thinking about hiring a private driver at great expense to me and my mates just so we can get about . I gonna send the RMT the fukin bill and I think fellow Londoners should do the same .. Yep , get a taxi receipt everyone and send them all to this bloke:

We're all gonna .... We are , seriously ..

You really better not start pulling this shit when we have the fukin Olympics ??

I know all about trade unions , my Grandad used to design Oil Rigs for AMEC and in the Seventies they used to strike every other Friday so they could have a long weekend ..

It wasn't right then , and it's not fukin right now ... Get with the plan Stan !!

Fukin outrageous RMT .. Nuff said ..

So today , Little Mistress is coming over and I'm takin her for dinner and then were gonna go see King Kong at the pictures , then on our return we're gonna act out the Jungle scenes in my Bedroom ... Woohoo !!

Oh fuck , I've just remembered that I have a dental appointment today; joy of fukin joys ...

Anyway , hope you lot enjoy your New Years , and think about us Londoners as we scramble for the nearest cabs ...

Bye !!


Anonymous tilda said...

Happy New year!!!

I called the addison lee taxi people and booked in advance, that might help?

Hope it turns out fun.. RMT fuckers or not!


5:19 pm  

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