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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

One down , one to go !!

Hoorah , it's over ... Till next year at least. Somebody give me an I got through Christmas and survived badge ..

Please , no more turkey , I'm starting to look like one ..

Sooo , that was kinda fun , took Little Mistress for dinner on Christmas Eve and then we went to her parents on Christmas Day which was kinda fun , nice bunch of people , I absolutely stuffed my face with Turkey dinner, then we had a little quiz and stuff . Me and Little Mistress just chilled out for the rest of the time . She bought me a very nice digital camera for Christmas ( so expect lots more pics ) and I bought her a pair of black leather Pied A Terre boots ( she looks hot in them , sizzle sizzle !!) Her brother has this Peruvian girlfriend who spent the whole time adding Tabasco fukin sauce to everything that she ate , including the Christmas turkey diner ? Which to be honest I found a little insulting to the chef ( Little Mistresses Mum ) but it wasn't really my place to say anything ...I've seen it all now !!

I travelled back last night and I'm gonna chill for a few days , maybe do a bit of shopping or something and then , well then it's gonna be New Years innit ... I'll be glad to get this holiday out of the way to be honest coz I find it a lot more stressfull than normal; not the chilling out bit but just the shopping( London shopping is a nightmare at Christmas ) and the " where are we gonna go for New Year " bit ... That's If we can actually get anywhere !!

London Underground are still threatening to strike on New Year they say it's " Necessary " , fuck off is it necessary , necessary for fukin what exactly ?

Note to the RMT : Fukin av a word with yourselves will ya !! If you strike on New Year , your gonna fuck it up for the whole of London and that to me is just so fukin selfish that it's just not funny . My recommendation if they strike : Sack the fukin lot of them !!

Oh , and the fukin great British postal service have managed to loose my Christmas presents from my sister AGAIN !!! , happened last year as well .. Fuckers !! What the fuck is going on with this country ?

Dear post office : Can you please stop employing foreigners who fukin nick all the bloody mail , This years tally : 2 mobile phones , 1 load of Christmas presents , 3 cheque books , 5 bank cards and virtually every fukin CD and parcel that wasn't registered that I've been sent this year . What the fuck is going on with you lot eh !! I cornered the post man earlier in the year coz I'd had enough , and you know what , the fuker couldn't speak a word of English , there's your fukin problem , right there ?

Ok , I'm gonna go and have some food and watch a film ..

Bye ..


Anonymous fivehorizons said...

Over here the damn Post Office are lazy because the union backs em up.
They dont have to do anything. Maybe they are a bunch of savage beats who work there and tend to just knaw on shit.

7:36 pm  
Blogger what's_my_line? said...

If the postman there is anything like the cheap labor that is employed here, he bloody well can speak english. It just suits him to play dumb to escape a confrontation and a beating. Not his first rodeo, I'm sure.

8:26 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Seem that you lot have the same problems over there eh !

8:45 pm  

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