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Friday, December 23, 2005

Hoorah .. I'm finished

Right , that's it .. I'm done !!

I'm doing no more edits , I'm taking no more business calls , I'm not answering any more e-mails and I'm going to no more bloody parties .. I'm knackered and I've had enough thanks ..

Soo , I finally managed to get all my shopping done , good job London stays open late eh , and now I'm gonna relax , do my laundry , wrap some pressies and then do fuck all for at least a week ..

I'm off to Little Mistresses for Christmas , haven't even seen her for like two weeks so I'm missing her .. It's meet the parents time which should be kinda interesting , don't really know what to expect ( and neither do they ? ) , but I'm sure it'll be all fun and I've even bought a new jumper for the occasion ..

Soo , I get to spend my Christmas out of London in the Home Counties , Ya never know , I may even get to see a tree or something , or a bit of green , or a sheep , yeah man ... A fukin sheep , I'm liking the sound of that , it's been a while ... Baaa !!!

So it's bye bye London for a few days and hello sheep ..

To be honest with you all , the older I get , the more and more I'm finding Christmas just one big stress ball , there's all this anticipation and excess , and for what ? A couple of sparkly things and a fukin dead turkey ..

Jesus Christ .... I'd like to find out who's responsible for Christmas ?

Talk about having a laugh ..

I know , I sound like a Scrooge ... I'm not , It's just that it kinda disrupts the flow a bit , Ok , you spend to much , you eat to much , you do to many drugs , you drink to much , you feel the need to be doing something special all the fukin time .. It's a bit of a pain in the arse really .. I'm sat here typing this and I feel fukin drained and we haven't even got to the big day yet ??

Anyway , enough of the misery guts me ...

I'm not gonna post for a few days , Little Mistresses pad is internet free so I guess you won't be hearing from me , but I'm sure you'll all live ..

Sooo , Have a lovely Christmas one and all and don't do anything I wouldn't do ( which is like ... Errr , nothing !! )


Happy Chrimbo ..

Ho Fukin Ho !!

Oooo ..... I been nominated for this... You can vote for me if you want , ya know it's only right !!

Vote here ... I think !! ...

Ohh and finally ...

It's new , it's improved .. It was all done in my spare time and kept me up for fukin hours ..

But it's finally here ..

Image hosted by

Click the pretty picture .....

Containing an album of music by the now Legendary ( well not quite yet !! ) Blue Carbon Protocol ... The worlds first internet band that doesn't actually exist ?? ... All a bit of fun really ...

Plus the sentimental farmer episodes , more to come on that one ...

And an interview with yours truly xx ...

Actually it's been up for a couple of weeks or so hidden away on the sidebar of this blogg but your all fukin blind so you are !!

So have a click round cos it's all for you lot out there in the Blogosphere ...

Bye ....


Anonymous tilda said...

I know christmas is extremely stressful, all the anticipation for one bloody day... have a nice time in the country, lets hope the parents are nice!


4:30 pm  
Blogger Paige said...

merry merry London Cokehead. And I would wish you a white christmas (har har) but seeing as you're with her parents, that's prob not a good idea!

6:06 am  

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