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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mr Mixfix

Soo , todays session should be interesting to say the least . My mate JR who's putting together this new band has gone into some indie studio in the home counties to record a couple of tracks. The tracks started life as sorta electronic ska drum and bass and because he wants to take the band live he's recruited a drummer instead of a drum machine . So , JR goes to this indie studio with an indie sound engineer and guess what ? The tracks have come out like a sapless half-baked indie band which is not really the sound he wants , it's gotta be half electronic , half indie with a hard edge to it , instead it just sounds like just another lame , lifeless Indie band which are like two a penny in London ( and the rest of England to be honest ) .. Dull !!!

Don't get me wrong , it's a good mix , but , good just won't cut it nowadays . It needs to be fukin Electric !!!

So , this is where I get dragged in coz I've been doing dance tracks for years and I also do plenty of indie bands live so I know both scenes . Trouble is , this engineer also owns the studio and so he'll be hanging around while I do my thing and there's nothing worse then somebody else coming into your enviroment and basically tearing up your mix that you've probably spent hours perfecting and reconstructing it in a way that no matter how good it sounds when it's finished will always sound shit to you , coz you've preprogrammed yourself with that frame of mind before the other guy has even walked thru the fukin door !!!

You essentially want the third party to fail as this will make you look prime and him look bollocks at his job . You know the centuries old male ego dominance shit ... Boring !!!

It's a bit like painting a masterpiece only to find that somefuker else has come along and splashed big splodges of gloop all fukin over it !!!

So today , I'm playing evil mix engineer who's been sent by the mafia to clean up a bit of mess that's been left in the kitchen , " Sorry mate , but, out the fukin way , I know best , your fukin shit !!! " , not a good role really and not a position I like to be in as there's always the chance that if this guy is looking over my shoulder enough I'll lose all concentration and fuck the mix right up . Doesn't happen very often nowadays but it has been known to occur in the past !!

You just have to learn how to keep a cool head in a heated situation ..

So , yeah , Mr Mixfix is the order of the day , not my favorite job but JR's spent a lot of money to not have a product that he's happy with and I like the band and I know what needs to be done so I'll just get on with it and do what I'm best at ..

All fun without the sun ...

Anyway , what else ?

Oh yeah ..

I'm enjoying every minute of this as I sit back and watch the major labels cowering in a corner trying to catch their breath after being slaughtered in the first two rounds by a rookie. Oh dear your about to be KO'd by a computer firm . Shame on you for not seeing that granade coming in from side and lying on the floor for a couple of years .. Ha !!!


This is interesting , I wondered why Iran was being shot down about the nuclear shit . Shot down , more like set up , set up that is for the day they switch from Dollars to Euros for oil pricing , that's gonna get extremely dodgy for the old American economy and it's titanic ( and I use the word literally as in " Sinking ship " ) trade deficit. Ok , Soo , I wouldn't be surprised if were all drawn into another " War of illusion " , just like Iraq was . Oh , did you really think it was about terrorism , nope , think again batman: it was about Saddams sudden change of oil pricing from Dollars to Euros. " Oh no , that won't do , we better go over there and kick his head in and make him change it back " and we did !!! . Wise up Tony , it's not our battle mate !!! but what the fuck would I know , I'm just a cokehead.

Thanks United Press , for actually saying it , like it is !!!

Don't ya just love the black stuff !!

Ok , I'm not being picked up till 6:30 so I'm gonna chill for a while and tidy up the mess that was once my flat ...

Oh , and I've got to take my hat off to the Artic Monkeys , 118,501 copies on the first day all through internet publicity , fukin well done lads and a big fuck you to all the majors !!

It's coming , real music with undoctored sales and no chart fixes ... Top !!!

Ummm , The World Wide Whacking stick ...

Bye ..


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