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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bloody edits ..

Ok , soo , I'm supposed to be Christmas shopping but I'm sat in the house waiting for some director to stop fannying around with his bloody edits for this TV theme tune we're doing .. I'm starting to get slightly pissed with this dude ..

As far as I'm concerned the track and the opening title scene looked good two days ago and every time it gets a new edit it's getting worse ..

You know , I really , really have more things to do than wait around for this guy , you may still be at work mate but as far as I'm concerned , I should have finished last bloody Friday ...

So , I'm a tad frustrated and pretty pissed off ...

I know exactly what's happening down in that little Soho edit suite , this guy is draging the job out because he doesn't want to be given a new assignment before he breaks up for Christmas .. Which is fine , but , don't fukin drag the rest of us along as well mate .. You and I know perfectly well that the title sequence looked shit hot on Friday , but every time you decide to loose a tenth of a second ( which makes no fukin difference at all ) , I have to rewrite the whole fukin track because it all goes out of fukin sync !!!

So just get the fuck on with it and let me get on with my holiday , and please , don't even think about going down the pub for a three hour lunch like yesterday afternoon : it's a little frustrating because I have to wait in like a fukin mushroom till you get back ....

I need too take a chill pill people , badly ...

Bloody silly season ..

So what else has been happening ? , Well , I met up with my mate D on Monday night for a " quick " drink ... arrived back in the house Tues evening .. Woops .. We had a right laugh though and caught up on a lot of shit and apart from that , just doing this bloody edit , I really , really need to go Christmas shopping though ..

O well , nevermind ...

Also , This should never be allowed to happen ... The RMT are always trying to fuck up the tube on special occasions , as far as I'm concerned essential services should never be allowed to strike , ever !! It just fucks it up for everyone else ... The greater good and all that eh !!!

Right , checks email ... No reply from Soho yet ??

Arrrggh , Just get the fuck on with it will you; I'm getting really , really bored now mate !!

I'm so glad I don't do advertising anymore , It's like this but ten times worse as you have a whole pile of "creative? " types who can ( and will , always ) throw a spanner in the fukin works ..

Bye !!


Blogger what's_my_line? said...

you mean like the current New York Transit strike? Fuckin' illegal.

6:51 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Editing is a tricky one... the skill is to step back and recognise that it reaches a point when you are not improving the project at all... you are simply changing it.

And you can keep changing it forever.

and ever.

and ever.

And it is good to be mindful of the work you cause others to do by wrecklessly changign things willy nilly. Directing is hard is some ways and easy in others. But what the fuck do I know?


Merry Christmas my man. Fuck the RMT. They are a bunch of cunts. They are cunting EVERYBODY who's going out this new years.

I was maybe gonna go to pacha but I can't be arsed. i HATE new years... it is the coldest night of the year and too many people have high expectations... good nights just happen - they ain;t planned. I'm gonna sit indoors and play monopoly and eat cheese and biscuits.


11:45 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I hear ya

11:04 am  

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