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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What a top night ..

Ok , Tues band night thing ...

So . not a bad night actually , the venue was packed which always makes things sound better , better that is than a half full space where the sound reverberates round the room like a ball bearing in a biscuit tin .. So yeah full house = great sound ..

Ok , So , band no. 1 ( if you can call it that ) ; Some kid with a guitar and a few FX pedals who basically walked onstage , hit one chord on his guitar and then left it to sustain for like 20 minutes while effecting the sound with various guitar pedals , loud , scary , unpleasent .. The crowd went wild .. Ok I'll give him a C+ for effort ... But no gold medal at this point ; sorry mate !!

Band no. 2 : Would have been Ok if the bass player hadn't decided to give us all a " round the houses " Demonstration of just how loud his bass amp ( the size of a fukin skip ) could go !! This one can go way past 11 , I can tell you ... The band had the cheek to say ( during the soundcheck ) " We can't hear any vocals onstage? " NO FUKIN SHIT , I missed a call on my mobile phone which was on the mixing desk approx 1 foot in front of me , and I was 30 meters away from you fukers ... Go figure lads !! So , would have been ok if you hadn't left us all fukin DEAF again ..

Band no.3 : Not really a band but this old rocker on drums with a couple of synths he controlled ( while playing his drums I might add ) from foot pedals and him doing a bit of vocals , now this was fukin good , and I mean really fukin good ; the drum kit was impeccably tuned ( so it sounded shit hot ) and boy could this fella play drums ; every Snare hit and Tom roll was played to perfection , solid timing and soo fukin well rehearsed : a sound engineers dream all round . It sure made me look good , I can tell you ...

Band no.4 " The Headlining band " : Five blokes from Californi ' A ' , doing a sort of Electronic Thrash Big drum Metal type affair , Not really my kind of thing , but , for what it was it was fukin excellent .. The crowd were going nuts .. There was jumping from the stage and moshing and headbanging and many , many fine shenanigans going on around the venue ... Top , proper fukin rock-n-roll all round , all good ..

Better than last night ? You bet ; a totally different experience was had by all ...

If I hadn't of had that fight in the kebab shop ( coz some Greek bloke tried to charge me £7.00 ( $ 14.00 ) for a dodgy chicken swarma and I refused to pay him .. " Fuck off , at that price , you can keep the fukin thing mate !! " It would have been a pretty outstanding night all round ..

Weyhey , the Silly Season ... Bring it on !!!

And congrats to the Dogtownclash , their video , which can be viewed here , has just been playlisted on MTV .. Go on lads , have it !!

Right it's late , so I'm off to bed ..

Oh , and , I didn't make the final runnings for the Worlds best Urban Music Blog whatever thing ? Good , I'm not quite ready for any of that at the mo , thank you very much ; This blog is too young and still too personal .. Thanks for the nomination though !!

Woohoo ... I'm off out into space again ...

Finally .. I was trying to find the Pearlyrics software and came across this my mate G uses this software and I think it was a great idea .. Who the fuck do the majors think they are ?? You all claim to be part of the entertainments industry but all you do is choke our entertainment , I requested the cease and desist order from the ( Software Author ) and it's just completely full of shit , bloody majors eh ...

Ha ... Fuck off and die you dinosaurs , missed the old download boat though didn't you , I remember going to a MPG meeting in 2000 where the future of music " downloading " was discussed and you lot said it would never happen : Ha , eating your own words now , aren't you , you fukin idiots !!!

Bye .


Blogger mcdolph said...

cool. Space Is The Place.

2:23 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Space is the place , I agree ...

2:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

over rated and expensive.

my two cents.

4:07 pm  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

my new thing is reading your blog while i smoke.

like peanut butter and jelly, baybee

11:53 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

my new thing is writing this blog while I smoke ..

12:12 am  

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