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Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend madness ..

Ooof , this is definitely becoming the silly season !!

Me and little Mistress spent the whole weekend getting plastered and generally being crazy crazy..

We went and met up with my mate T to say goodbye before he goes off on his month long tour of Africa , I'm kinda jealous , I could see myself running round Africa getting chased by Zebras and stuff ; that's gotta be fun ...

Soo, we met up with T and just did a sort of world tour of the local boozers around West London ... I stayed at T's house Sat night and then Sunday we went for a Sunday Roast and did the whole fukin thing over again . Me and Little Mistress arrived back at my house last night completely wasted and watched a bit of TV and just wiped out .. She had to go to work early this morning bless , she must have still been fucked ;poor dear ..

So yeah , I'm sat here with a big bowl of pasta , really just trying to get me head in gear so that I can get on the bloody tube and go to work ... I'm doing a band night tonight in central London , so I'm going to have to purchase a large bucket of fukin headache tablets just to see me through the damn thing ..

I'm really hoping that I'm not engineering some fukin thrash metal bands tonight , I don't think I could stand that ? Oh yes , please let it be a folk night or something , you know , something gentle on the ears ; howling cats are just right out the way I'm feeling today ... Gawd !!

In the words of the great Radiohead: You do it to yourself you do ...

Ooof ...

Right , coffee , shower , headache tablets , work ...

Listening to : The sound of fukin silence ..

Bye .


Blogger mcdolph said...

alright mate. here -

3:05 pm  
Blogger Shelli said...

You said, "I could see myself running round Africa getting chased by Zebras and stuff ; that's gotta be fun ..."

Um nooooo! Not fun for a clumsy little chick like me! With my luck Id fall in a pile of Zebra poop and get trampled! BUT on the other hand... if it means a vacation... poop or not, Im there!

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! Now have a good week k?


5:13 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Zebra poo , yum !!

5:21 am  

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