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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


So what was in the melting pot last night ? Oh , joy of joys , another alternative music night , uff !!

Alternative music nights mean ; Lots of people onstage at the same time . Alternative music nights have like the biggest numbers of people in a band ( a band band that is ) I've ever witnessed .. Ok , so , typical example , one of the bands last night ; 5 singers , bass , guitar x 2 , keyboards x 3 , sax , trombone , trumpet , congas , drummer , strange percusion thing , violin and a fukin chello , all on the same stage and all playing at the fukin same time .. I don't know about you , but that lot , together on one stage and all playing at the same time : is a recipe for fukin disaster !!

It just sounds fukin shit is what it does ....

I mean , how does a band that big ever form in the first place , they must like grow them in a special room somewhere and unleash em on the world when the timing's right ( or wrong ) .

So yeah , Ok that was band number 2 , band number 1 was 2 girls , one on bass and one on guitar doing stuff that sorta represented music , but just not in a form that I recognise , I suppose you can call it art : just like you can call a stuffed ostrich art ?

And ( don't even go there ) ... And band no 3 was 1 girl and 1 boy and 1 ipod providing the music while they whispered unintelible lyrics into the mics which of course is a real help in the feedback department as everybody complains ( to me ) that we " can't hear what they're saying " , so in turn you have to turn up the vocals to such a lever that if anyone even clinks a glass or goes to the toilet in the venue or whatever and the whole fukin rig goes EeeeeeeeeEeeeeEee ( feedback sound ) .. Ok fair enough , just not on my planet , thanks .

The headlining band where ok though a combination of 1 bass , 1 guitar , keyboards and drums all doing vocals ( a sensibly sized band ) ..

Towards the end of the set they created this mad guitar feedback sound which lasted about 5 minutes but you sort of got into it kinda tribal style , nice musicianship : but it left everybody in the venue COMPLETELY FUKIN DEAF for about 10 mins .. Top !!!

Thanks for that , real bonus to the job : BEING FUKIN DEAF and all that ...

Soo , yeah , Alternative music , errhem !!

Art mate , art !!!

The band I'm doing tomorrow sold out the venue in less than two hours , sooo , please , please be good !!

It's not too much to ask ??

I'm going to fukin bed coz it's 5 in the morning ..

Bye ..

Oooof !!!


Blogger Shelli said...

OK yea, band one sounds like a disaster and would have me running to the nearest exit!

"they must like grow them in a special room somewhere and unleash em on the world when the timing's right ( or wrong )."


And the ipod thingy? Thats just odd isnt it? That sounds like high tech karoke or something.

And God, how I haaaate karoke.

I think im spelling that wrong. Kareoke? Karoke? Kakka. Whatever. You get it!

Hey while I have your attention, do you have an rss feed or something? I want to add you to my Google Reader. And its saying you dont have a feed.

It might be just me. And that whole blonde hair thing.

~Shells xoxo :)

11:33 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Feedy feedy :

2:03 am  
Blogger Shelli said...

thanky thanky!



5:43 am  

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