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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Samurai Flamenco dub ..

Ooof , I've been nursing the worst hangover today .. Can't think staight ..

Sooo , I went to see my mate N yesterday afternoon , he was recording flute on some Dub Reggae session in Ladbroke Groove . I arrived sober , I left ... fucked !!

Jeez Louise , those Reggae types can smoke some fukin weed I can tell you ..

High grade Jamaican whateverthefuck !!! Evil weevel ..

Nice studio though .. The owner had the biggest collection of Samurai swords and Martial Arts equipment that I have ever seen in my life ... Umm ... OK !

He gives me this demonstration of a sorta double handed sword thing ( fukin leathal )

" Yeah mate just stand there and don't move " ..

" Err Ok ... I err won't !! "

Swish ... swish ... swish ..

Yes well , very impressive mate. " Can I have my arm back now .. Thanks !! "

Yes , well ... You er wouldn't want to get caught robbing that place mate ... Scary thought .

I rang the man... just so that we could sober up a bit ... Phew !

Yeah well , we left the studio and just sorta drifted around West London via a few boozers ending up in Putney of all places in some pub playing Flemenco ( well sort of ) , at One this morning ( Me on guitar , N on flute , random Spanish girl stomping her feet and generally being loud .. )

That's all I can really remember ?

I think that I got back home at around six in the morning and just sorta stood at the bedroom door waiting for the fukin bed to come around ... It must have arrived : I woke up in it ?

Good job I wasn't working today .. That's all I have to say about that .. Oooof !!

I remember telling somebody to fuck off on the phone , but can't remember who ... Which is really annoying the fuck out of me ..Oh well , nevermind .

We had a right laugh though , which is all good .

Soo , I'm gonna chill out and cook myself some food .. Thai green curry a la me I'm thinking ..

My leg has finally stopped working , er , that would be hurting mate .. For fucks sake !!!

Ok , well , yeah ; My leg has finally stopped hurting .. Nasty scar though , that'll teach you mate .

Oh fuck this , my head hurts to much to write ; I'm fukin rambling on anyway ..

Right .. Headache tablets , food ..

Bye ..


Blogger mcdolph said...

nice title - that would be a kind of music i'd like to hear

7:50 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yeah , could be interesting ?

9:24 pm  

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