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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

" Who the fuck voted for that ?? "

Weyhey it's Wednesday ...

Sooo , I've got my dates mixed up again , I have another band night tonight and a day in the studio tomorrow and not the other way around .. All good as I was expecting the band night tomorrow to be a late one . For some reason Thurs band nigt always have a late licence where as Wed band nights are seen as mid-week so always finish early , I guess so people will still come out , see a couple of bands and then get home reasonably to go to work the next day ....

Soo last nights bands were excellent , there's some really interesting music going around at the moment . It was another of those " Battle of the bands " Type of nights , so it was completely manic .. A lot of sound engineers won't touch these nights as it involves really being on the ball as you get about 10 mins to change the bands over plus you have no sound checks apart from the first band and you have to be prepared for anything ( From Bagpipes to rappers to rock to dance to hip-hop to folk to whatever ... ) it's all thrown in the pot and you have no idea what's coming up next . I guess a lot of sound engineer/production manager types just can't take the stress ( Or have no idea how to predict for the unseen ) ... Me... I fukin luv it !!!

The promoter fuked up royally last night , turns out that he'd fixed the voting so that a band he was obviously mates with won the event ( and so the recording contract etc... ) , turns out though that this band were completely shit and the rest of the talent was so high that as he announced the results there was a near riot and he got booed off stage , the poor guy got pulled to one side by the sponsors of the event and told to , " Get back on that fucking stage and do it properly or you can wave goodbye to any future work with us mate !!!! " .. Sooo , he returned to the stage ( Tail between his legs ) and called for a proper vote ... In the end the band that I thought won it easily , won it easily ....

Note to promoter : Don't fukin organise a " Battle of the bands night " , just so your fukin mates can win it ... Prick !!

Nice to see the music industry is still up to it's old " You scratch my back and I'll fix everything for you " ways ... Nothing changes eh !!

Music industry inside scams No 1 : Did you realise ( bet you didn't ) that the "Big Five " Major Record Labels , all have teams of children that they send out say 10 free cd's , a couple of posters , a few band autographs etc. each month , and these kids are all on call to text message , email etc. ( on request ) , competitions , phone votes , TV stations , Radio shows , internet sites etc .All in favour of any bands that the record company want's to promote ... It's a huge subliminal chart fixing scam ... It's totally fukin wrong , completely illegal and all it means is that we get force fed the shit that they want us to listen to and that any bands with any real talent are left on the sidelines ...
Soooo , next time you listen to a competition that you may have voted for and the results seem strange , now you know ... This doesn't just stop at bands either , your talking Pop Idol , The X-factor , American Idol etc etc etc . All a big fukin fix !!! The kids love it , they just think that there getting free CDs , band autographs , posters , special Birthday cards etc .. Little do they know , but , they've just become pawns in a music machine that is corrupt as fuck !!!

They call them " Strike Teams" , I call em , " Mass Manipulation Scams !! "

" People will like what there told to like " , period . Baa , baa , baa , bunch of fukin mindless sheep !!

Ok , I have work to do so I'm out of the door ...

Bye bye ....


Blogger ty bluesmith said...

hi. i am jealous of your life.

second, you are missing a blizzard here in the land of the free.

third, wanna get high?

6:53 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

MY THEORY ON Scams and crookedness:

Consider the consequeunces of success and of failure of whatever venture you are involved in. And think of the money involved.

Is there is an opportunity for manipulation and cheating...?

Now think how desperate people are.

And then the 'strike team' is born. I only wonder if anything is really fair in life.

7:50 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

skSigh Nooo !!! , Ty ... Yeah man !!

1:10 am  

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