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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bloody cold ...

Soo , Saturday again eh !!

Couldn't be bothered with the club last night so I just sat in the back room with a soldering Iron and a drum of cable and made Mic leads all night , V. therapeutic .. Did about twelve in the end but I've burnt my fingers to buggery .. Blagh !! Soldering Irons can get a bit hot and when you miss the cable and end up welding your pinkies it fukin hurts ... Love the smell though ( Of solder that is , not burnt flesh )

So , yeah , somebody set off one of the fire alarms at about one , so we just thought " fuck it " and shut the club early..

So , what's tonight , haven't made my mind up yet . Little Mistress is coming over so I'm sure we'll get into trouble somewhere along the line . Need to tidy up though , my flat looks like a bombs been dropped on it . I'll do that in a mo , just waiting for the coffee to start working ..

It's fukin freezing in London today , I left the milk out last night and was half expecting it to have gone off , but , my kitchen's actually colder than the fukin fridge is ... Buuurrrr , Shiver , Shiver !!

Just looked out of the window and all the cars outside are all frozen up ... Buuuurrrrrr !!!

Think I'll find a cosy pub , just plot up , have a few pints and get royally fukin drunk ... Yep , that'll work for me ...

That was a long week , I don't think next week is quite so busy ... All good ... " Oh fuck " ( He says Looking at his diary ) , it's just as bad , if not worse ... No rest for the wicked eh !!

Buurrrrrr , more coffee ..

Right , I'm gonna attempt the shower ... Buuuurrrrrrr , shiver !!!

Update , 5.30 pm : Ha , gotta blog this before I go back out again ...

Soo , I go to pick up a service wash from the Laundrette but It's not quite ready yet , so , I'm stood outside having a smoke and just thinking to myself when this lady walks past with really short boyish hair and I'm thinking " Gawd , what is it with these birds with fukin short haircuts like boys. She looks like a fukin lesbien or something , yeah , definitely a Lesbien "

Anyway this woman catches my eye and for some reason ( fuck knows why , still can't figure this out ? ) I just blurt it out in front of her " Yeah luv , definitely a Lesbien !! " Now this was supposed to be said in my head but I've just completely fucked it up and said it out loud ... Ouch !!

Her " Excuse meee !!! "

Oh fuck ... Brain in gear mate , get out of this one alive then ...

Me " Errrm over there , a Leslie van ? That's definitely a Leslie van , look it says on the front ???? " ( Finger pointing at van parked across the street )

Her " Oh , I thought you called me a lesbien for a minute there "

Me " Ha , Erm , Yes , well , I don't really think soo , why would I do that ? "

Her " O , I must be going deaf in my old age ! "

Me " Err , probably ! "

I run to the safety of the Laundrette , my cup of coffee and Bernie ( The Irish woman who does my service wash )

Allrighty ... For fuck sake , Please keep your thoughts to yourself in future you fukin moron ....

Dear me !!

Bye ...


Anonymous ken yadig said...

So... what'd you think of Layer Cake... I loved the book but the movie stunk up to holy hell I thought.

2:19 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Don't think I've seen it yet mate >>

3:05 pm  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

too hung/over to comment.

12:50 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I know the feeling ty

2:53 pm  

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