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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Strange , strange dream ??

Soo , Goodmorning Me and a big hello from London ..

It got a bit stuffy last night , so I left opened my bedroom window and now it's fukin freezing in this place : Bad idea mate , don't do that again eh !!

I don't have to go to work till later , so I'm gonna have a lazy day pottering around : in the fukin cold ..

These are kinda interesting , Fender trainees , sorta like Converse allstars , my shoe of choice for working with bands ( obviously ) , but more organic : interesting anyway ...

What the fuck am I rambling on about shoes for ?

Anyone's guess !!

Shoe , shoe, shoe, shoe , shoe , shoe, flipflop ..

Allrighty ..

Sooo , moving swiftly along ...

Last nights band night was cancelled , ( nice of them to tell me early .. Fukers ? ) so I stayed at home and consumed food and drank wine and surfed the internet till the computer screen went all blurry and I had to retire to bed ..

Had this huge urge to ring the man but got a grip of myself at the last moment .. No , really mate , it's like Wed night and your on your own .. " What would be the fukin point of that ? "

You don't need to be in the house , twiddling your fukin thumbs and frying your brain at the same time for absolutely no reason apart from your own self indulgence .. It's fukin wrong ..

Maybe I'm growing up or something .. Though Actually , maybe I'm not .

Oh I don't know ... What the fuck !!!

I had the weirdest fukin dream last night , I was getting chased by this bloke down the street and he was catching up with me so I thought " Fuck This " turned around and ran straight at him , he stopped , took off his head ( yep his head !! ) and then invited me down the pub ? Anyway , we get to the pub and we sit down and all these other people sit down with us as well ( his production team ) , Then they all one by one start to tell me of ways they will improve my presence on the Web by taking over various tasks for me ( one will write this blogg , one will rebuild my website etc .etc. etc. ) , kinda weird but , even weirder was the fact that my jumper was on fire , I was melting to the table and the pub floor kept see-sawing ?? I then buggered off to get a new Jumper but my flat was a hotel room . We then all jumped into cars and drove off to France ....

Errheem : Yes , well ...

Note to brain : Where the fuck did you get all that shit from mate ???

Interesting : That's if you can deal with the congestion charge and the parking wardens ?

Ok ... I'm starving , so I'm gonna take myself for breakfast in a minute ; once the coffee thaws me out , fuck it's cold ...

And ... Kinda morbid , but : Happy Anniversary John ?

Finally : US warns of fake net domain data Errm , warns who exactly ? Tell me one person apart from the Authorities ; who doesn't like the idea of people being able to remain anonymous online ... I for one wouldn't be able to write this blog ; Land of the free my American friends , not if your government ( or my government for that matter ) has anything to do with it ..

Note to all Authorities everywhere : As fas as Internet Anonymity goes : Mind your own fukin business !!!

Is it just me , or has blogger become a pain in the arse to use , post , update etc . after that upgrade they had a couple of days ago ..

Brrr ... Cold .


Anonymous expat_in_Nice said...

Dam - love the sneakers/trainers - a cooler version of the Connies

Coke by yourself is good if your apartment/house is trashed and you need to clean for hours - crank up some good music and get busy - otherwise I like to share

Dreams - shit, don't get me started - but if you drive to France again I'll buy the imaginary drinks - tchin tchin

7:13 pm  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

i hope you're smiling when you say land of the free.

i do.

it makes it easier.

1:59 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Oh .. Most definately ty ..

I can still walk out of my door without fear ,

Just blowing off a bit of steam .

2:42 am  

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