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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Soo , Christmas came early this year ..

Sooo , This guy actually came through for me ..

On Friday on my way to the club I get a call on my mobile ..

" Hi I'm calling from ****** music , on behalf of ****** , and I'm wondering if you could swing by in the next few days and pick up a royalty cheque from us "

Me : " Yeah , no problem , I'm actually in the area so I could drop in on my way to work his afternoon if that's ok with you ? "

Them : " Ok , ***** is actually in Soho for the afternoon but I'm sure he won't mind if I issue you with the cheque , I'll see you soon then "

Ok , so , I'm intrigued , not only can I pick up a cheque , I can pick it up without having to come face to face with prick face ....

So I toddle over to his offices to pick up this so called cheque ?

I arrive , I'm made coffee and I sit and wait for this manager girl to pick me up from reception. Nothing has changed in this place , I'm sat watching the four or five employes : I get a few " Oh hey , where've you been hiding , how are you etc.. , we miss you " balgh ,blagh fukin blagh !!!!

I'm looking at these people and you know when you're in a really stressfull place and you can feel it in the air ... That's what I'm feeling here ..These bods are looking so stressed out .. It just ain't comfortable and it reminded me of when I used to work with this guy ( not for him , with him ) and I'm just sat thinking " I'm sooo fukin glad I'm not a part of this shit anymore .. Fukin advertising , who needs it !! as far as I'm concerned : making music should be about fun and when it's not , it's just not worth the effort ... No matter how good the money is ..

Anyway , I digress ..

Miss Manager girl comes over and hands me this cheque ... " Sign hear please , This is your statement as well " , I've still no idea how much this cheque is for ( it's in an envelope ) and I'm British , so of course it would be rude too ask ..

Anyway I take what's mine , say my goodbye and leave the office ..

Funny really as I'm walking out , the guy who took over doing all the music ( on a normal wage and not a 50/50 royalty splitt I might add ) , comes walking back into the office and see's me coming out , his face just drops ..

Him ( very shaky voice ) : " Errr Hi , what you doing here ? "

Me : " Oh you know , just passing through .. See ya !! "

Hoo , hoo , hoo .. I'm not being big headed , but as far as music production goes : I can safely say that I can leave this guy standing like a wet bag of sand on a building site and he fukin knows it : Your just not in the same league kid ...

Soo , I walk out of that place and open the envelope , not bad , not bad at all , not in the tens of thousands of pounds , but not far off : And not a bad Christmas bonus at all , especially when I wasn't expecting it ..

So I get a call from " That bloke " on my way to work , I put the phone straight onto answer message ..

Him ( well his message ) : " Damn it mate , I really , really wanted to see you when you picked up the royalties .. call me when you get a minute "

I haven't , and I don't think that I will either : You know , life is just too short to be dealing with egomaniac , workaholic stress merchants , they just rub their shit onto you and you end up feeling the same way. After just ten minutes in his office I could already feel the old blood pressure creeping ... All I wanna do is make fukin music !!

Thanks mate .. But no thanks : I'll just go shopping instead ..

So , on that note I'm off to eat the Leek , Ham and potato soup that I've been cooking all afternoon .. Yum , Yum ..

Bye ..


Blogger what's_my_line? said...

Most excellent. So is it even worth speculating as to what kind of deal he wanted to make you to come work for him?

2:44 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Ah ha!

Just the perfect amount for me to make you a music video!


11:00 pm  
Anonymous Tilda said...

LuCky u more money for christmas!!

Love ur bloG btw!!

11:52 pm  
Anonymous Jim Turner said...

Congrats on your nomination for the BoB Awards! Good Luck.

12:05 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

What nomination ?

12:24 pm  

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