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Monday, December 12, 2005

Kaboom !!

Soo , I'm hanging with little Mistress at the other pad in Richmond and we're in bed doing drugs and being genarally kinda naughty as one does , when all of a sudden there's this wooof sound like a muted explosion : the whole building fukin shakes and I'm like " what the fuck was that ? "

Soo , the first thing that springs to mind is that a plane has exploded ( Richmond is on the Heathrow flight path ) , Ok , so , we wait five minutes until we hear another plane come in to land .. Not a plane .

Soo , I'm thinking maybe somethings blown up locally , but , no sign of any fire .. Fair enough , we get back to what we doing before ( having sex , taking drugs etc .) and forget all about it ..

We get out of bed at midday and I check the BBC news on the web ...

This has happened fukin hell that must have been some fukin explosion .. We're like 60 miles away from that oil depot and that blast shook my house in fukin Richmond ...

Umm , Interesting ..

Big bang ..

Enough said .

Anyway , so my mate B has gone to Italy this week and I'm managing his venue in central London so for me it's a ridiculously busy week : So i'll post when I get the time ..

That kiddies party was a right laugh by the way .. Little buggers ..

Right , work , bye ..


Blogger LTNA said...

I haven't been round in a while, so I dunno when you put up the "X-mas decorations." I have to say I laughed aloud when i first saw them, though. Adorable!

2:20 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Thanks, they were turned on on the 2 of December by HER MAJESTY HRH THE QUEEN ( Thanks for that ma'm I owe you a couple of spliffs worth of Afghan black for that ;0) )

2:31 am  
Blogger stressqueen said...

Blimey, can't believe you heard the blast from there......great photo you found there too.

12:48 am  

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