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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ringing the changes ..

Ok so tonight at the venue was a bit crap ..

There was a Christmas party in the little room ( which was toss ) , a couple of hundred people and a DJ who was nothing to write home about really . The main venue ( room 2 ) was left un-booked so it was empty all night ..

So , after 3 hours of standing about twiddling my thumbs and watching " Ultimate Fighting classics " with the bored security doorman on the room 2 video wall , I thought " what the fuck " and decided to ring out the main room sound system ..

Ringing out a sound system involves reseting everything in the venue to zero , placing a microphone and a band monitor on the stage , turning everything up full blast and notching out frequencies that cause feedback with the six 31 bar graphic equalisers ( four graphics for the monitors and two for the main rig )

A 2 channel 31 Bar graphic equaliser looks like this .... YAWN !!!

Click to enlarge .... ( actually , don't fukin bother )

The one pictured has AFS ( Advanced fancy shit ... )

Are you all still awake ??

Note to all Hifi salesmen : When you all talk about Graphic equalisers , you really don't have a fukin clue what you're on about , do you ? Ha , you make me laugh . Sometimes I pop into Hifi stores just to let you talk shit about sonic dispersion and spacial standing waves and nyphonic paraplembic equalisation : just because I can .. Next time a Hifi salesman starts talking shit , just remember " He really is talking shit !!! "

Ok , so , I digress !!

Exciting stuff sound system ringing , but it really needs to be done now and again to achieve the best sound possible on band nights ..

It kind of sounds like aliens landing as you match feedback frequencies with sweeping ocillator frequencies to pinpoint the frequencies that ultimately need removing by notching them out on the graphic ..

Am I boring you all yet ??

I'm boring myself !!!

Fucking " A "

I could explain this a bit better but I'd be guilty of sending you all ( including myself ) to sleep ...

So , yeah , a dull night all round really..

Tomorrow is a major band night so hopefully there should be some serious events to rabbit on about ..

But tonight was toss ..

And on that note ... I'm going to bed .

Sooo ...

Bye !!!


Blogger what's_my_line? said...

Wow. My ears are ringing. I think it's your fault.

6:37 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

fuck- i clicked that picture....

12:25 am  
Blogger sheriff of nothing said...

hrmms - boring indeed.
After your raving on about Kate Bush I got the album - AMAZING!!!!

2:57 am  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

i have a present for you on my blog

10:19 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

It truely is an Amazing Album mate ..

TY ... Nice mate .. nice ..

12:47 pm  

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