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Friday, November 18, 2005

About as rock n roll as Beckham ..

Sooo ..

Last night's " Battle of the bands " thing was fun , there were some really good bands playing and not one tantrum to be had anywhere . Not bad considering that there were like nine bands and so about 50 egos in the same venue at the same time . It all went really smoothly , easy change overs , nothing went wrong , no fights , no spitting of dummies , no explosions , no one electrocuted , no equipment broken , no bones broken , no one was sick , no one got taken to hospital , no one evaporated on stage , no one Spontaneously combusted , no TVs' were catapulted from hotel room windows , no Rolls-Royces were driven into swimming pools and no one ran away in shear fright or weed themselves . There wasn't even any beer spilt on the fukin stage ..

What the fuck is up with these people ?

Call yourselves fukin rock bands ??

Pah ... Pathetic !!

So that was a busy week of bands I can tell ya ..

Tonight it's the club and then that's it , week over ..

Not sure what I'm doing this weekend , going nowhere fukin near a band , that's for sure ..

I've got a sore throat from hell this morning , so I may be coming down with something " Un-rock and rollitis " probably ... Sigh !!

Anyway , whatever I decide to do , I'm sure it'll be fun ..

You know , I may even decide to stay in for once , it's cold and I have my apartment to keep me warm ( Oh and little Mistress ) .... So we'll just see eh !!

Right , again I'm hungry , so I'm off out for lunch ..

Listening to : Iron and Wine " Our Endless Numbered days " , I do like this band , I listen to them a lot .. Some lovely guitar work to be had people and their music is so well recorded that it just brings a smile to my face ..

Oh great , now we can be embarrassed on our own soil. You know , I used to be a huge football fan , but now I really can't be arsed with it . Where as once ( to Me ) it used to be unmissable magic , now it's just commercially exploited crap .. Can't even be bothered to talk about it.. Sorry !! I'll even go as far as to walk away from conversations when my mates start to blather on ...

Beckham ... Idol ... Pleeaaasssee !! Put Westlife and Will Young on the fukin pitch why don't ya !!

" What's up with you mate , you goin soft ? " They say ..

" Sorry lads , it's just lost it's magic " I say ...

My gawd , An English bloke who doesn't talk about the beautiful game ? " Stone the fukin crows !! "

Yep !!

Right , food , Bye !!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: football, who did you support?

2:37 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I'm actually a Macam .. The Families from up there you see ..

Like ya naaa pet like an aal that !!

I ... canny !!

Giz a gan on yaaa bike then or aal kik yas fukin heeed in yaa lanky twat ....

Rough translation : Would you be so kind as to let me borrow you bicycle please ...

Now had away ann shite ...

2:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And there was me thinking you were a Londoner being "London Cokehead" this changes everything.....

If you didn't know already....they lost but so did the Toon.

What you complaining about the cold weather down in London for, you lot all walk round the town with t-shirts on in mid winter. brrrrr :) or is that just the Geordies and not the Macem's. :)

1:47 am  

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