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Friday, November 11, 2005

Home sweet home !!

Sooo , It's Friday again ..

Just finished a two day mix in the studio which we're well happy with , I like this working from home shit it's fukin greeeaaatt !!

I woke up about 5am the other morning with an idea of how to get from the second verse to the middle eight on the mix we're doing ( which we were sort of in a jam about what to do ) , I jumped out of bed , booted up Logic Audio ( The Music Prog we run ) fixed the offending bit and then went back to bed .. How fukin cool is that !!!

Sooo , yesterday , woke up early , worked on the tune , went for breakfast , worked on the tune some more , did my laundry , worked on the tune , went to the doctors ( I've got really dry skin on my hands from coiling up all of those beer soaked cables after fukin gigs !! ) , worked on the tune , had some dinner , worked on the tune , watched fukin Lost , worked on the tune ... By the time E turned up at 2 pm , The fukin thing was nearly finished so went through what I'd done , made a few changes and I was in the pub by six .. I'm fukin totally loving this work from home shit . All good !!!

So today I'm gonna work at the the club till 11pm and then I'm off to my mate B's birthday bash which will be complete fukin carnage !! B knows fukin everyone and everyone knows B so it'll be fukin great to see all , I had a ring round to see who was coming last night and it was a case of " Is there anyone who's not fukin going then ?? " I like B he's like the charisma fukin kid !! I've toured the world with this guy and there's some funny fukin stories I can tell you , enough for about eight fukin Blogs with room to spare ..

Sooo , yeah .. A fun weekend ahead I guess ...

OK , I'm hungry so I'm off out for Lunch ..

Have a nice weekend all , and don't do anything I wouldn't do ... Well actually !!


Blogger LTNA said...

Heehee. You sound so happy today!

7:39 pm  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...


7:49 pm  
Blogger Smartypants said...

How's your nose? (Just kidding.)

Working at home rocks. In your case, literally.

11:35 pm  
Blogger stressqueen said...

I might spend a few mins checking the credits on those records I wrote about........:)

11:13 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Pointless... or I wouldn't have said anything , I checked first ... tee hee . The name was changed to avoid being sued for the sample it used... unless of course you have the post white label pre-release ?

1:01 am  

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