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Monday, November 07, 2005

Abba nuff mate !!

Sooo , Monday morning then eh !! , I'm sat here with a bacon sandwich , cup of coffee and it's bloody lovely outside ..All sunny and stuff ..

So , today I'm gonna do bugger all , maybe a bit of food shopping if I can be arsed ... Little Mistress left early this morning to go to work and I slept in a couple of hours ... We went for drinks Sat night after the fireworks and then me , Little Mistress my mate T and a couple of others gate-crashed a party upstairs in one of the local bars ... We walked straight in on an ABBA cover band doing Dancing Queen , Errr yeah fukin great !!! I don't mind a bit of ABBA but I draw the line at watching an ABBA cover band , not really my idea of fun , at all !! But we stuck it out and it was kinda interesting I suppose ???

I wonder what it's like to be touring as an ABBA cover band ... Very rock n roll ... Not !! I guess it's a job though eh ..

Sooo , after the entertainment from hell , we all went back to my mate T's house and got munted , Little Mistress was dancing round the room and I got lumbered with this strange women talking complete shit at me , wonderfull , just what the doctor ordered .. She kept on saying " You've never lived as much as me , I've been through so much pain and suffering " ..

Oookeeydoookeyy !!! , No love your right , I've never lived and my life has been a complete fukin breeze so far , what the fuck do you know about my life ? I can't stand people who sit there feeling sorry for themselves assuming their the only people on the planet who've ever had anything go fukin wrong in their life's ... It's a bit pathetic mate , really !! Just stop living in the past mate ....

I used to live with a flatmate who used to go on like that all the time and it drove me up the fukin wall .. He used to go on about the fukin day when the landlord came round and stole ( err like fukin removed kid ) all of his stuff including his sisters kids toys from the flat , the poor kids had nothing to play with ... Mate , you did it to yourself I'm afraid , it was your own fukin fault so stop fukin wingeing about it ...

Note to ex flatmate C : In order for bad stuff not to happen with a landlord ... Try paying the fukin rent once in a while you fukin doughnut !!!!! , Landlords only come and take all your stuff away because , " you not paying the rent is fuking their lifes up !! " , Gawd where the fuck do these people get off blaming everybody else apart from themselves for their own fukin actions .... It's pathetic !! The world does not owe you a favour , you carve your own life and if you hack too hard and it gets a bit out of shape , it's up to you to put it right , no one else.... OK !! I do understand that there are exceptions to this rule , but generally in this case if you don't pay the rent , bad stuff will eventually happen so don't complain when it does ...

So anyway I digress , Sooo , Oh yeah , this womans ranting was putting me in a really bad fukin mood , luckily T has a studio in his loft so I fucked off upstairs and made a tune ... Then I scraped it coz it was shit and I was too fucked to be bothered but it did get me out the way of silly mad women for a couple of hours ... All good !!

So me and little Mistress slept at T's on Sat night and then on Sun went to the pub and dowsed ourself's in Bloody Marys to take the edge off ... We arrived back at my house at around six last night , ordered pizza and cuddled up in bed watching TV ... Nice !!

So then , What's in store this week ? , Tues's a band night , Wed and Thurs a private client in the studio and then Fri the club ( although I'm gonna finish early and go to my mate B's birthday bash .. Not too hectic a week really ...All good !!

Ok , I'm gonna go for a walk and then do some food shopping ..

Yippee !!!


Blogger ty bluesmith said...

an abba cover band?

were the girls hot?

3:00 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Err not really mate ... it was all a bit uggg !!

3:58 pm  
Blogger velvetbabe said...

abba cover?

O god!

the orig is bad enuf!

thank you for your tips on adding all that stuff to my blog LC...I want to give you something too:

LC--do you realize how many people are looking at you & not leaving any comments? I can see on my own statcounter and it is freakin' bizarre!
This statcounter will show you, you are not going to believe it!

damn--a bacon sandwich sounds damn good!

you take care now....

& no more ABBA for you!

o god......................LOL!
(laughing out loud!)

put this counter in your blog to see a real trip~!

your west coast pal,

If you join all those blog places, how much traffic do you get? It is so bizarre!

As ever, you are terrifically funny as a writer, LC--thank you for the smiles this am!

6:40 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Thanks velvet babe , but if you scroll halfway down my page you can see that I allready use stat counter .

But thanks for the tip anyhow ;0)

7:05 pm  
Blogger Smartypants said...

I dare anyone to say they haven't been caught singing 'Waterloo' in their car.

::hanging my head in shame::

3:16 am  

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