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Monday, June 13, 2005

Wrong motor kid !!

Sooo , Me and little Mistress sat and got pissed all day Saturday in the pub .. All good

So it's gets to about 7 pm and we decide to ring the man after having a run in with some fukin idiot bouncer , I was only waiting for Little Mistress to return from the toilet and I would have happily moved for you mate ... But you wouldn't let it lie would you , you fukin bullying control freak prick ... Nevermind , your loss !!

Anyway ... The man arrives and calls me from outside the pub , so I go out to meet him . This dude drives an Audi convertible , so I see his car , I get in and he drives off , suddenly big screech of brakes , and i get thrown across the fukin dashboard ??

" who the fuck are you ? "

" and who the fuck are you kind sir ? "

Turns out i'd gotten in the wrong fukin car , this dude was waiting for his girlfriend to come out of the videoshop . We'd both been in such a hurry we hadn't clocked each other . ( It was fukin dark , don't ask !!! )

We both see the funny side and go our seperate ways !!!

Returned to the man's car , he's seen all and is pissing himself laughing , Ha dee fukin ha ha mate !!! ..

Returned to the pub and me and little Mistress get spanked !!

Stayed up all Sat night being rude ...

And Sunday ...

I cooked Little Mistress some food and she left about 8 pm ... Awww !!

Awww !!

And that was that ...

Cooking : Thia Green Curry a la me !!

Listening to : Black Eyed peas , Monkey Business .... Ummm , sound's like it's been made in a fukin toy shop ... I was just about to say nothing more on that subject , but a fukin track has just come on that sample's Sting " Englishmen in New York " ...
For fucks sake ...

Note to the Black Eyed Peas : An Englishman in NY is a classic track which does not need your fukin help , fukin ever !!!!! Jeez fukin Louise ....

Remind's me of when I was in a bar in Ibiza listening to that Notorious BIG tribute cover of "Every Breath you Take " and this girl turns round to her mate and says " Eeer av yuuu eard that that Sting bloke's ripped this song off " and er mate says " yeahh !! , it's a really shit version an all , ee's even left the rap bits out " ....

Ha haaa haaha haa ha !!!

Fuck off !!!


Blogger LeeLoreya said...

hey man, i'm sorry to that but... you're hilarious.

4:27 pm  
Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

I miss the Black-Eyed Peas doing actual hip-hop. Now they're all popped out.

1:26 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

me too dude ??

8:49 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Shame !!!

8:49 am  
Blogger Al said...

Biggie's gotta be rolling in his grave over being ripped off!

I love when people say stuff like 'you heard that great new band called the police?' or 'I heard that new singer Robert Plant on the radio today...'

7:44 am  

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