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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Limited, unlimited Broadband

Sooo , I'm transferring a music file from London to NY , I started it last night , and expected to be done when I woke up this morning , so as not to disrupt the work flow with the boys in America ... All good , pretty simple really ..

I look this morning 2% done , fukin what ??

I notice after checking the router that my bandwidth is way fukin down ??

I get on the phone to the ISP , after 45 mins , I finally get through to some doughnut in sales !!

" O yes he say's , due to the amount of stuff you down and upload weve decided to restrict your bandwidth as it is affecting other customers "


" due to the amount of stuff you down and upload weve decided to "

" yeah I heard that bit you plank , so you're trying to tell me that your restricting my unlimited fukin broadband line , notice the keyword unlimited here batman ... because i'm using it too fukin much " ..

" Sir can you please stop swearing .. and yes that seems to be the case "

Click !!

Fukin unfukinbelievable !!!!!!

The shit we have to put up with in London is complete BOLLOCKS !!!

Sooo I've switched supplier ..

Fuck them i'll sue for breach of contract if they give me any shit !!

So till the switch I have to put up with broadband that's running at about the same speed as fukin dialup ( 2-3 weeks ) ....


Rip off fukin Britain !!!

The name and shame : TalkTalk broadband , don't use em they lie !!


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