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Friday, May 27, 2005

Beer is for drinking mate !!

Sooo , were in our favorite pub last night , It's a beautiful evening in West London ... There's me and Little Mistress , my mate T , my mate P ( who's just landed himself a job as a Stockbroker for HSBC , go on son !! ) , and a few other people ... When my mate J , the girl who's just lost her mother arrives in a fukin foul mood and puts a bit of a dampner on thing's , OK understandable and acceptable under the circumstance ....

Anyway , were just having a laugh etc. etc . etc . when J out of the blue say's something really fukin nasty to T , bang out of order mate !!, T then tell's her to " go fuck herself " . Oh dear !! , J then stand's up grabs a pint of Stella Artois and proceeds to empty the content's over T's head , WRONG FUKIN MOVE J , big fukin mistake ..

T is : 1. Irish 2. 6ft 8 3. built like a brick shithouse 4. posesses an ego the size of fuckin Belfast !! 5. does not take shit from anyone at anytime , ever !!

T then sequentially pour's the whole content's of the table over J's head were talkin Beer , Lager, JD and coke, vodka , 2 bloody mary's , peanuts , crisps and a half finished carbonara .. By this time J is fukin screaming like a two year old ... What's wrong J ? don't you want to play this game anymore mate !!

Note to J : do not start what you cannot finish !!! ..

J looked like a fukin swamp monster on a bad day ..

And before you ask , no , there were no drugs involved !!

So anyway , I think J got off pretty lightly , if She had been a He , I wouldn't want to even predict the outcome of that scenario ???

So now were all barred from our Favorite pub !!

Thank's J , thanks a fukin bunch mate !!

You are sooo far not off the hook yet babe.

you fukin Idiot.

Me and little Mistress went home and shagged. Bless ..

Off out the door , I have a club to run !!


Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

Sounds like a waste of perfectly-good alcohol to me. And I love me some Stella Artois-- one of the few decent beers you can get in this wine-list-and-fruity-drinks town.

11:28 pm  
Blogger stressqueen said...

She must be in a right state - it isn't that long since her mum died is it. She probably needs attention, but is going about it the totally wrong way. Alienating all her pals isn't going to help.

Sorry you're barred from your fave boozer though, what a pain.

3:14 pm  
Anonymous pest control said...

Haha, you are proper fucking scum. Proper vermin.

Where's the rat catcher?

6:34 pm  

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