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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Oxes kick Soxes

Sooo , my legs feeling a lot better , thank gawd !!

I've got 30 mins to kill , before I have to put a rocket up my arse and go to Covent Garden to get measured for a Tuxedo ( don't ask ) , it's not very often you get me in a fukin suit !!!

I'm gonna attempt the gym today ( upper body only ) , haven't been for two weeks now , shock horror the fukin gym you cry !! , yes , i may be a cokehead but i still like to remain buff , ( I used to be a Muay Thai Boxer of some rep you know !! ) ... Cokehead does not equal total fukin dropout !! ( although I was losing my six-pak to a four-pak of Stella Artois ) , it just mean's I like to explore with one of nature's more dangerous concoctions ...

Anyway , Little Mistress is coming to see me tonight , I'm gonna cook her some tea , then we'll shag each other's brains out , she like's that , me too , the she'll go home , then i'll go to bed !!

Awww !

All good , all good indeedy ...

Rehearsals with the band tomorrow , then were off to Russia Friday , woohoo !! , watch out Moscow , lock up your daughters were c'min to get ya !!

Should have some good rock-n-roll stories to tell on Tues/Weds ...

+ i'll try to get some pics from behind the mixing desk ....

One of the guitarist's has just rang me to invite me out for a pint , it's 11:32 am , guess he's started already , i declined , i have shit to do today , fukin shame really , one could do with a jolly-up !! , never mind ...

Listening to : The Oxes ( Oxxxes) , I live engineered this band not so long ago and to say they were fukin brilliant is the understatement of the fukin year , they absolutely rocked ( an extreme ass kicking was had by all !! ) .. One of the best performing band's i've ever seen , shit hot !!

Go see if you get the chance ..

Out of the door all ..

See ya !!


Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Say this:

"zvasha zdarovea"

("z-vasha" pronounce the Z as is Zsa Zsa gabor, and then then say VASHA to rhyme with the name of that club PACHA)

("zda-rovea" same zsa zsa gabour on the begininng and then ROLL the the R for the "rrrovea")

That is a common Russian Toast when drinking - it means for your health.

and you might way to know to say:

DVA PEEVA PASHUOULSTA which means, "two beers please."

oh yeah,

and say:

"ooopa ooopa krasiiva pooopa"

to any girl and see what she says....

Good luck in Russia my friend

8:32 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

O yeah mate and what the fuck does "ooopa ooopa krasiiva pooopa" mean !! , I won't get slapped for it will I ??

Thanks for the hints !!

9:15 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ooo Oooo beautiful arse , seemingly !!

My Russian mate say's !!!

I'll try it !

9:20 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

damn, you should have just waited until you met some nice girl and said it to her and watched her face....

( I doubt it would get you a slap - but it would have been funny if you did)


12:30 am  

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