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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No excuse , Whatsoever !!!!

Mental note to self : Do not !!! , after a visit to the dentist ( for biting through cable onstage ) , come home , put up new TV aerial , leave wire cutters downstairs , bite through coaxial cable , knock out fukin temporary tooth cap , then have to go back to the dentist with tale between legs to get new temporary cap .. Then moan that your bored because you've missed your 5 o'clock meeting in the West end , there all down the pub getting pissed as I speak .... it's your own fukin fault Looney tune ....

If I had a brain I'd be fukin lethal !!!!!!!!!!!

On a brighter note , bought furry spider thingy with built in radio on the way home , and have rewired it to the stereo , it's blasting Marilyn Manson ( beautiful people ) out it's ass as we speak !!! ,

It rocks !!!

I don't !!$%$@!!±£$@$^%!

Oh well , at least I can see something other than snow on the TV !!!!

So , what you gonna do now then doughnut !!!

Listening too : The Spidertron Ass-o-matic 5000 !!!!


Blogger Shelli said...

"If I had a brain I'd be fukin lethal !!!!!!!!!!!"

LMAO. I fucking love this quote! God your good. Its a damn good thing you live wayyyyy over there and I live wayyyyy over here..else I might be your first stalker!
(Ok, that sounded wrong...)
Anyway...I may have to use this line sometime...of course I'll give you some kind of "pimping" for it! (Or maybe I should say: "If I had a brain, Id be fuckin burnette!!!")
Glad to hear your teeth are fixed...i hate the flippin dentist.

7:17 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Thanks shell, feeling the love dear !!

12:02 am  
Blogger mr. tomas ubik said...

hope you dont mind bruv, but i linked your site. I like your writting, and your weekend costs outweigh mine by a ball or so.


12:21 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No worries kid , e4no

3:04 am  

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