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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Two Belgians medium rare on a spit please

Sooo , I'm finally back home , Phew that was a long day ...

Having a beer and relaxing before bed , O I see you bed and you look so fukin inviting..

But before going to bed I have to tell you this story as it's really pissing me off ..

Sooo we take a break after setting up the club and go for dinner at this restaurant around the corner ..

We sit down to order and the folowing conflab takes place ...

Waiter " can I take your order please "

Me " I'll have the Burger please medium rare "

Waiter " sorry sir we can't do that "

Me " what the fuck do you mean you can't do that "

Waiter "Sorry sir under European Law you can't have a Burger medium rare "

Me " are you taking the piss mate !!! "

Waiter " No Sir really under European law you must have ground beef well done "

What the fuckin fuck is that about !!!!!

Listen you Belgian EEC fukin twats , Fuck the fuck off and go and be fukin anal fukin elsewhere ...

No really get a fukin life ...

If I want a burger medium rare I reserve the right to have a burger medium fuckin rare ..

I've never heard anything so fukin stupid in my life you foreign twats ...

I bet you make your offspring go to bed at six o'clock even tho there 18 years old you dicks..

" O Sven I'm so so worried that you have left the milk out if the fridge , I think we better cut short our holiday in Florida and return to Brussels and make sure "...


Stop bombing Iraq , and bomb these fuckers instead please !!!!

Rant over ...

Bed time ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww that blows! Although, I have to have my burger fried to a crisp...but thats just because I hate the sight of blood spilling out of it...blah! Anyway! You should damn well have your burger any way you want! I say fight it. Get out the picket signs and start your battle! I mean, that's just silly. Well, I suppose you could get an outside grill and make burgers yourself...but then...well, youd have to work for it. And man, I hate that! ~Shells

3:54 am  

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