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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hey !! , over here guy's , International threat ?

Just spoke to little Mistress and she was having a bath , I can hear her splish sploshing about and she's talking dirty to me on the phone , and it's not fair coz I'm here and she's there !!! , she won't tell me what she's bought in Soho , she say's I have to be a good boy when I see her tomorrow night or else , or else what ?? ..

I'm feeling slightly hot under the collar ....

O dear ! ...

I like this girl , she's hot !!! Sizzle Sizzle !!!

This is interesting though , on Sat morning in my post Two Belgians medium rare on a spit please , I wrote the words "Stop bombing Iraq , and bomb these fuckers instead please !!!! " ,
and today I got hit's from four American Military Government servers , check that out fukin four !!!!

Coincidence ??

I do not know ???

Does the big brother really exist ?

Is Echelon really listening to little old me ??

And if so can I have a brand new Golf GTI , my own Pub and a big bag of skunk for christmas santa ... Please !!!!

My reply to them...

Hello you big Twats !!!!

Want some druggss , Tee Hee !!!!

Bleep bleep , Limey on the loose .

With big sharp pointy teeth .

I have a bomb in my pant's and I'm not afraid to use it !

Woops a daisy !! , getting a bit carried away there ...

Allrighty ..

Anyway I'm gonna go and catch the last couple of hour's in the pub across the road ...

Listening to : Patti Page ( Old Cape Cod ) , it's making me yearn for the seaside , yum yum lobster stew , that sounds fukin good !!!!


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