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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dental Pain ( in the arse !! )

Sooo , this morning , woke up , got ready , went to the dentists at 9am , although my appointment wasn't at 9am, it's at 2pm , it's looks like frikken 9am on the card !!!! , the dentist agreed and apologised ??? ..Thanks !!

So I've had to cancel all my meetings apart from my 5 o'clock in the West end ... And i'm back in the house , v.pissed off ...

I'd cancel the dentist if it wasn't for the fact that you can only get an appointment with him once every two fukin month's ???

Guess he's a busy boy then !!

Me fukin too mate !!!! ....

I'm having a tooth capped + i'm a bit of a nervous patient , thanks to the prick who drilled into a nerve ( with no anasthetic !! ) when I was a kid ... Ooww , Ouch I can still feel that all these years later !!!

My mother had to drag me kicking and screaming to a dentist for years after that !!! . Sorry mum , I know I was a bit of a handfull for you !

Note to me : Don't try and bite through cable's on stage in the dark ... In fact don't try and bite through cables on stage again , actually listen , just don't bite through cables full stop mate , or hard things , or anything else that's not food ... Allright !!!!

Never mind , at least I get some free Novacaine ... Yeh !!

So I have two hours to kill , and i'm fukin bored , and rambling on .... and on !!

I'm gonna go and have some lunch ...

Didn't have time to blog a story yesterday , I got a recall on a mix at about 4pm , so had to drop everything and go to the studio ... Sorry , I'll do one soon ...

I'm rambling again ...

For fucks sake !!!

Listening too : Kraftwerk ( maximum minimum , live ) , I was lucky enough to see one of these gigs from behind the mixing desk ( not me mixing it unfortunately ) , awesome to watch though , and incredibly well mixed ... Sounded FATTT !!! ...

Bored !!!!!


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