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Monday, May 23, 2005

Jiggy pant's..

Sooo , Just arrived home after a day in the studio , did some good work today ..

I usually don't work on Monday's , but after a pretty relaxing weekend indoors , at my place ( did I really just say that ?? ) , with the lovely Little Mistress , I decided I should get off my arse and do some work ..

We stayed in because , A . It's a bit pointless being out with someone when all you want to do is get home and rip each others clothes off ( and we did !!! , yeh !! ) ..

B . It was a full moon , and people get a little crazy at full moon , and i'm not one for taking crap from doughnuts ...

Yeah man , we even got shit just going to the local shop for some beers , dickhead pushes right in front of me at the counter , knocks Little Mistress clean out the way ,and he's like " naw mate you don't worry about it !! " , " I fukin won't if you know what I mean you prick " , I grabbed the fuker by the neck and moved him slowly out of the way , applying just enough pressure to make him turn a dodgy purple colour , " There's no need to be like that mate " , " Yes there is , Fuck off !! "...

Wait your fukin turn , like the rest of us have to , the world was not just built around your skinny ass you know !!!

Trouble is nobody ever say's anything to these fucks !!!

I will !!!

Tosser !!

I'm not really a big fan of confrontations , But I'm English and I will not abide bad mannered people , period !!!!

Anyway ...

Me and Little Mistress got jiggy all weekend , so I was absolutely knackered today ... Nothing a little coffee can't ever fix though , Oooo coffee , i'm off to put the kettle on , hold on just a minute !!

I have returned !!

Me + coffee ...

All good ..

So where was I , Oh yes !!

Little Mistress , yeah !! , that girl rocks ( no really !! ) ..

An education in little white panties !!!

And ( never start a sentence with and !! ) little white sock's , innocent , I don't quite think sooo !!

We curled up on the sofa all day Sunday and read the papers and watched TV and snogged , ocasionally re-visiting the bedroom for a shag , ocasionally , Ha !! , frequently is more like it !!

A smashing weekend was had by all ..

I could get used to this .

A lady in a social situation , a complete whore in bed ..

But in a really beautiful way !!

Fantastic !!!

What more could a growing boy ever want !!!

Naughty , Naughy girl !!

The guy who lives upstairs gave me a knowing wink this morning ...

What the fuck was that about !! , get your own little mistress you fukin perve !!!

I'm violated !!!!

I've been asked to live engineer a band in Russia in a couple of weeks time , hope all the gears not all in fukin Russian , now that could be a knightmare , I guess I'll cross that brideski when I come to it !!

Eating : chicken pasta a la me , drinking coffee ..

Listening too : Oasis " Don't believe the truth " , I'm giving it another go after watching a documentry on the making .. Still not feeling it though !!! , it's just too fukin busy , too well mixed and tooo fukin shiny shiny new , with no fukin soul !!
I'll bet you now that when it's released the critics tear it apart .. Watch this space .. I'll eat my words if they don't !!! , I've just A-B'd it with Champagne Supernova ( to see if it's just me being judgemental ) , Nope , there's definitely something missing here , shame !! , I think they've learned to play too well and it just don't sound as good ( if you know what I mean ) , sorta Oasis by the numbers ...

Sorry Lads !!!


Blogger Hermes said...

Welcome to Mind your Manners with the London Cokehead!

Bloody funny story.

I love reading about fucking pricks being put in their place.

6:14 am  
Blogger daedalus said...

Check this one out for putting London Underground in its place - its a classic rework of an old Paul Weller: London Underground

12:22 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Thats fukin excellent , Have you checked out the parent directory of that file , those guys are nuts !!!

Love the badgers and mushroom thing !!


Cheers for that Daedalus ...

3:54 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Talk about fukin bizzare Daedalus , followed that link , went to buy the album , non available at the moment , so subscribed to newsletter , up pops a fukin page , get this , of my ex fukin American girlfriend talking about london transport !!!!!!!!!

She still looks like a twat , ( i burned all the pictures to forget ) ....

How bizzare is that , I'm fukin shell shocked !!!!!!!!!!!!

4:08 pm  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...


i hate oasis.

and i'm thinking that your blog is one of my new favorites.

nice show old boy

1:17 am  
Blogger daedalus said...

Whoah - freaky man. What do septics know about London anyway - let alone transport? Their idea of a good ride is usually a Hummer or a Hearse! Glad you liked the link.

2:28 pm  

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