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Friday, May 20, 2005

Bad head !!!

Oooooffff , bad head !!!

I feel about as rough as a badgers arse !!!!

So much for only going out for a couple of quiet drinks after a day in the studio ....

Met up with little Mistress and a few mates , got smashed !

I have no milk for coffee , need coffee , brain not working too well !!!

On a brighter note , have cheque in front of me for shiny new G5 Applemac .. Yeh !!

Must bank cheque , must wake up , must , Oh shit !! , I've just remembered it's Friday and I have a club to run tonight , Fuck !!! , no rest for the fukin wicked eh !!

Better get my skates on !!

Gonna go and cook Stirfry a la me !!

What the fuck happened last night , don't feel guilty so It must have been all good , could't keep my hand's off Little Mistress , again , she's a fukin naughty one that girl , I can tell you ...

She's coming over tomorrow to spend the weekend at my place , Hoorah !! , looking forward to that , a lot !!! ...

I'm gonna take her out for lunch , then bring her home , rip her clothes off , and have some fun , Yeh !! , woohoo !!

Oh and while I remember , Sign My Petition Please

It's for a good cause !!!

Gonna go and cook .....

Listening to : Nothing , head hurts too much !!!

Ouch !!


Blogger ty bluesmith said...

same here.


also, no milk for my coffee. what gives with the world today, yo?

5:01 pm  

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