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Sunday, April 10, 2005


O my god !!! , what a weekend .. woke up with another strange girl in my bed , she looks good from the back , little pigtail's and everything , I like that .. O and she's just turned round , Oooo !! Hello where did you come from gorgeous .. might just have to go back to bed then .. Anyway , went to my mates birthday party , absolute carnage .. Lots of very nice women , lots of very nice drugs and some interesting chat to boot ... can't remember much ... sorta remember shouting at the horses in the Grand National , but a bit of a blur after that !!! O dear !! , remember ordering six pizza's at three in the morning , of course nobody ate any , silly spur of the moment thing , the pizza boy came into the house ( and left at 7 this morning Hoorah ! ) , go on son !!! , Ouch my head hurts ... Now who is that girl in my bed , I know lets get married ( i Think not ) .. It's all too much !!!! , she has great legs tho , there sticking out of my quilt , I'm going to go and lick her toes in a min ( seems like the right thing to do ), hope she likes that ... O she's turned over again , and let out the sexiest moan , and she's hot and i'm hot and why the fuck am i talking to my computer ..

What the fuck !!!!!!


Now !!!!!


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