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Monday, April 04, 2005

Am I still in the band then ?

My mate C ( No.2 ) , dropped in this afternoon , cooked her lunch , rolled around a bit then chilled , we got talking and she reminded me of the first gig I did with this band in Brighton ...

So I'm doing coke in the toilets with this girl (classy), and the fukin bouncer crashes thru the door, sees the coke, gives me loads of shit for about 20 mins and then frog marches me out of the club, but on the way out the owner grabs the bouncer, " what the fuck are you doin ", " O yeah says the bouncer ", big fukin smile on his face, " caught this little fucker doing charlie in the bogs ", " O yeah " says the owner, " good job he's in the fukin band then ! , they were supposed to be on stage 20 mins ago , you big fukin plank " , and then he fires the bouncer .. TOP !!!!

So after the gig I go back to the hotel (with the bird ), and discover I don't have a room . So me, completely off my head, thinks it will be all right to borrow the lead singers room , as he's still partying at the club..

After blagging the room key, me and this girl get it on in the bathroom, I run a bath for the two of us, and she drags me into the bedroom, we start fukin on the bed , but have forgotten to stop the bath .... (get the picture ) , anyway , half an hour passes and I'm giving it to this girl doggy style and the door burst open , it's the receptionist , and the manager , and the fukin lead singer ... oops ! , Apparently the room downstairs is completely fukin flooded as well as the one underneath that, double oops !! . So the manager kicks the whole band out of the hotel ... treble oops!!! .

On our departure from hotel, the lead singer pulls me to one side and says, " about the gig kid .... your in! "

Fukin superb !


Blogger redhairblueface said...

"There was a frail syrup dripping off
His lap danced lapel, punctuated by her
Decrepit prowl she washed down the hatching
Gizzard soft as a mane of needles
His orifice icicles hemorrhaged
By combing her torso to a pile
Perspired the trophy shelves made room for his collapse
She was a mink handjob in sarcophagus heels."

Are you the gizzard, icicles, or the mink?

8:07 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

urm yeah , just thinking that myself, allrighty ...
none of the above really ..

3:40 pm  

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