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Thursday, March 31, 2005

So you wanna know ?

So you wanna know about coke then ? , here's the fukin lowdown , this shit is your best friend and you worst enemy , your girlfriend and your bitch, your life, and probably your death , hardcore shit in an unhardcore package !!! whatever the fuck that means , went out tonight picked up , got high , still high ... , like being high , met Eve , nice girl , could never be mine , although who could , or would babe ... Coke puts a veneer around your life , let's you run away , let's you play ... , rarely lets you stay , only if you have the cash ...... and It goes damn quick on this shit I can tell ya

Yeah, we love to hate ya , little miss .

Had a good day in the studio tho , sorta makes it all better .. all better ... Happy Happy Joy joy !!

Skin up all !!!


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