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Friday, April 08, 2005

Better go to bed then

So Hoorah people , we roll into Fri morning , the weekend starts here .. Just got home from work so I'm knackered ...
Working on some really cool music at the moment . ( can't tell thou , might ruin my cred if client's get wind of this blogg!! )..
Now It get's tough coz I have to reverse my body clock and do some F.O.H tomorro night .. ( that's engineering live bands at the venue in laymann speak (( Front Of House )) ) , should be a good night , I can be at work and get pissed .. Sorted ! , there is a god !! ask my sister ? .... I'm sure there will be tales to tell all . And then it will be Sat ... Meeting all the ladies for some fun and games and drugs and sex and whatever else we find in tow .. Hoorah ! Lion's and tigers and bears Hoorah ( urm yeah !! What the fuck ) ..
Next week is going to be really full on .. I'm getting more work than I can deal with at present , but I'm a trooper so it'll all pan out , just don't want to say no to the wrong people ( and yes to the wrong people too ! ) decisions, decisions ..

Rolling a spliff , doin my thing .... Just spyed a leftover line on top of the monitor ..

Urmmm , yeah , fukin A !!!!

O dear ,


Now !!!!


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