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Saturday, April 02, 2005

So Jo came home..

Jo came back with me last night ( big big smile ) , Hit the filth button about 3.30 this morning tee hee , my god there are some hot women on this planet !! , she's still in bed as I write , she looks so pretty man , so fuckin pretty , it's a gorgeous day in London , the sun's streaming through my window filtering thru Jo's strawberry blonde hair , now there's a sight you don't see every day .. it's a pity that she's going to the States soon ( our loss , big loss ) do us proud pretty thing, fly away and live your life .. I'll wake her with a cup of tea soon ( love that bit ) she's a fun morning person , always was , or maybe I'll just watch .. then well go for lunch, there's a nice Italian down the road , gonna sit on the balcony and enjoy the rays and get pissed on the vino ..

So last night , Portobello Road , yeah man ! , fun was had by all , the ladies were out in full force , fluttering by , the music was good , the drugs were better , didn't spend a minute alone , the wine flowed and not a dickhead in sight , pure class . Don't usually go out Friday, normally run a club ( which could be classed as out , . but you have to stay sober to run a club ) , the clubs closed for a couple of weeks at the mo .. again no names ( that would be telling ) .. Clue 2 : Holborn ( long way to go yet ) , hang in there ....

Listening to Nick Drake ( Riverman ) , such a good fukin songwriter , tragic really , poor boy , seemingly they do a tribute concert for him in Tanworth in Arden ( his birth place ) every couple of years , all the congregation of the parish church sing his song's ..... now that sounds like a pilgrimage to me ...

Wakey wakey Beautiful thing , I'm c'min to get ya !!!!....


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