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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A game for all to play

Stopped by P's this afternoon. She can be one hell of a sexy girl when she want's to be , and she was . We went on a journey to see the man that can , and he did ! ... we returned to her flat and got blunted , still recovering , actually thinking about it i'm pretty fukin fucked .. Get it together kid, better open a beer !! .

Back in the studio tomorrow , just for a day though . I fuckin love my work !! , I mean how many people can roll out of bed at anytime, and go to work in a job that they fuckin love .. Cool fuckin bananas , Top sniff .

I would love to discuss my work but that could lead you to me, and that's just not going to happen.. Although it could be fun !!!!! , I might start leaving clues ?? yeah why the fuck not , a game such fuckin fun ...

Clue No. 1..... I live in London ..

Bit obvious that one, but hey , can't have it all ( yet )

Guess the fukin beer's workin .. Skin up all

What the fuck !!!

Roll on the weekend , I need some R&R

Goodnight P , missing that moonshot silky skin already babe .

Goodnight China girl across the hall.....

Goodnight beautiful English Rose Pirate girl , whoever the fuck you were

b.e.r.p girl Ha !!!


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