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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tredmill trauma

So after a day in the studio , I go to the gym .. Yes I maybe a cokehead, but I always , A. keep myself buff and B. eat properly... Anyway In the gym there's this really fit bird on the tredmill doing her buff thing , when all of a sudden she drops her Ipod , loses control , and woosh! goes flying of the back of the machine ... Ha ! , So she picks herself up, dust herself off and checks to see if there's anyone looking ( there is , the whole fukin gym , but she fails to clock this as we are all to busy looking away and trying not to giggle ) , so she collects her IPod and gets back on the machine . But the silly cow has forgotten that the fuckin thing is still running , so woooosh !! she fly's off the back again . While airborn her Ipod gets caught in a rubber plant and she half fukin strangles herself .... Hilarious !!! Poor dear goes red as a radish and me and the rest of the gym nearly piss ourself's laughing .

Proper doughnut !!!

Skinnn up ....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloody classic posting - gave me good laugh. D'ya think it is a women/technology thing...?

3:28 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No , just plain stupid kid !!

6:24 pm  

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